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Why do the head, the trunk and the limbs go together? ≫ Patakí

Pataki Orula and Ori

The Ori, the head of a person in its most spiritual mode, links luck with behavior. Ori always goes in the head.

Ori is also considered the universal deity of the house. It is that deity that manages good luck or bad fortune, and relates it directly to the behavior and characteristics of the person in question.

There are two important aspects of Ori:

  • the belief of a guardian soul or
  • that of a spiritual double.

It is also considered the ancestral guardian soul, the one that goes to the spiritual head of the individual.

Pataki: The cabeza and limbs

They say that Orí, the head, had a business of selling obí (coconut) in the square, but since she was alone, without limbs, she could not do well.

One day passed Shango over there to buy some coconuts and Orí told her about her problems to be able to fend for herself and asked the God of Thunder to help her, but Shango left without doing anything for her.

Days later, it happened orula there and Orí asked him for help, telling him his situation. The soothsayer felt sorry and did stay to help her.

Orula consults and helps Ori, head

After consulting, Orula told him that he had to do a prayer ceremony with sixteen meats, sixteen coconuts, and sixteen pesos for sixteen days.

Orí did so, and as the sixteen days passed, his trunk and limbs grew larger. At the end of the period indicated by Orula, the body was already complete with the trunk, the Apa or the arms and the Elese melli or the legs.

Since then, head, trunk and limbs have been together, thanks to the fact that the head knew what to do and heeded Orunmila's advice.

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