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Why should we pay attention to the Orishas Councils?

Pataki Orula

Earth was ready to say goodbye to the year when Olofin sent for all the Orishas to perform the closing and opening ceremony of the new year.

They went to his palace located in the sky, wearing the best clothes, wearing the appropriate attire for such an important occasion.

Pataki de Orula and the yam that saved the Orishas from hunger

Yam santeria
Yam fruit

orunmila who was doing some religious work came late to the meeting.

The great Oracle of Ifá wore dirty clothes and between his hands he carried some pieces of yam, a tuber that he had been cultivating for a long time.

Due to his disheveled appearance, he received strong criticism from the other Orishas for whom the presence of yams in the place where the meeting was held was very disrespectful, as these were tubers full of dirt and dirt.

The word of Ifá was ignored:

After so much hubbub, the new odun was brought out by the minor priest of Ifá, in which a severe famine and great droughts were predicted on the earth.

But since everyone had the funds at the time to survive the first months, they did not pay due weight to the prophecy.

They forgot to save for the hard times ahead and spent all their resources on unnecessary purchases.

Meanwhile, Orula kept the yam crop that she had cultivated with dedication at home and thus guaranteed her subsistence.

Devastated by the continuous unmet needs, the Orishas went to the abode of the Oracle of Ifá to help them solve the great crossroads they were going through.

The wise soothsayer divides his harvest

It was then that the wise soothsayer without reproaching the mockery that had happened before took most of his harvest and distributed it among his brothers so that in this way they would have sustenance to live.

Not without first warning them of the importance of not exhausting the yams before planting them, as this would be the only way not to be left unprotected against hunger.

Teachings of this Odun de Ifá:

Through this Odun of Ogbe Iwori, Ifá warns us of the importance of paying attention to the advice of the saints, since they will always speak in the past, present and future.

The religious who obtains this letter must take care of his savings, because he will find himself prone to go through great difficulties if he gets into debt and spends everything he has.

Last but not least, religious are asked to be tolerant with their peers and help the needy without wanting anything in return, because on Mother's Dayañana we do not know who we are going to need or who is going to extend a hand to us in a moment of precariousness.

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