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Ifá says: Avoid envy, greed and irresponsibility Good advice!

Pataki Orunmila

There was a landowner many years ago who owned many caballerias of land under his charge.

He worked them making them produce prosperously, so his family lived in a wealthy way.

Adjacent to their lands lived another family that possessed fewer resources than these, they were always expectant of their movements and secretly envied their fate and the harmonious life they led.

Pataki where Orunmila punishes the irresponsible

The family with the highest standard of living had given their son to orula so that he could teach him the secrets of Ifá and the great fortune teller had been in charge of instilling in him the necessary values ​​to be a good Babalawo.

When the boy went to visit his house, he was always in the company of a slave who took him fishing and walking in the field so that the little one would be distracted by forgetting the routine.

His neighbors who were aware of this situation thought of hiring bandits to kidnap him and thus gain riches and take revenge for the happiness that the other family felt.

Behind envy, there is a lot of evil ...

One day in an oversight of the companionañaThe bandits kidnapped the boy and a short time later they began to demand ransom for him.

The parents desperate for their son's situation accepted all the demands that the bandits made of them and collected a significant sum of money to return the child, taking it to a distant place from their hometown.

The parents set out to meet the bandits, who, upon collecting the money, gave up the little boy, although they were left demanding a new ransom for the freedom of the man of the house, who supplanted their son's place.

Orunmila found a solution and made the debt pay

The desperate mother did not know what to do because she had no money left, so she went to the foot of Orula for him to help them.  

Orunmila, who had been interested in the situation, sought out the slave and made him responsible for paying the new debt that the family had acquired, as punishment for the carelessness of having abandoned his obligations to take care of the child, for which they had taken him prisoner.

As the slave did not possess monetary resources either, he was forced to work for the bandits his entire life in return for his irresponsibility, so they freed the landowner by accepting the services of the slave perpetually.

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