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The Story of Oshosi the Hunter and the Deer Why didn't they make Ebbó?

pataki oshosi

This story takes place in times when oshosi The great hunter had difficulties to catch his prey, therefore, he could not develop in his profession as usual, a fact that did not let him sleep at night, because the stress of not being able to support his family worried him, so went to the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá with the aim that this help him end the pain that afflicted him.

Orula marks Ebbó the great warrior Oshosi

Pataki de Oshosi and the deer

Orula consulted him, indicating ebbó. The next day the hunter went to the Oracle's abode again, with the aim of completing the marked ritual, although he only took half of the ingredients that were required to carry out the ceremony successfully.

Later, he went to the house of Orunmila the deer, claiming that his family did not have a single minute of peace, as the hunter continually stalked them, making them flee their home continuously.

Orula searched the deer and suggested that they conduct an ebbó in order to provide protection for the deer and its family.

When the Sun reigned again in the sky, the deer went to Orunmila's house, carrying with him only half of the elements that were required to carry out the ceremony, so it was left unfinished.    

As the days went by, the deer came very sad to the Oracle's house, telling him that the hunter had caught his son because he had not been able to successfully escape the ambush that he had prepared for him.

Minutes later the hunter made his entrance, complaining that he had captured only the smallest deer in the herd.

If Ebbó is not done, no one is saved ...

Faced with so many lamentations, Orunmila replied that the problems that afflicted them were due to the failure to carry out the ebbó completely, because if it had been so, none of them would have been dissatisfied with what happened.

This pataki reflects the importance of doing things in a complete way, a basic doctrine that santeros and other religious should follow in their day to day.

He himself advocates the completion of all tasks that are undertaken in life, since this is the only way to later reap the fruits.

Leading a disorganized life is a cause of delay and osogbos for believers, so the Osha advises to be disciplined and responsible for the tasks that must be carried out.

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