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Oshún goes blind for NOT doing the Ebbó that Orula the Diviner marked for her

Pataki Oshun Ibu Awayemi

This pataki was born in Oyekun Melli (2-2), and although the Orisha goddess of love Oshún won a misfortune, also through the word of Orula she begins to provide healing and to guess with a glass of water through the path of Oshún Awayemi.

This year 2021 the Letter of the year marks us to comply with religious norms, act as good religious and follow the word of the Orishas to achieve our destiny and spiritual growth.

This story gives us a great teaching on the importance of fulfilling the mandate of the deities of the Osha.

Oshún Ibu Awayemi Pataki

In a land called Orún Nile, Oshún Ibu Awayemi or Awuayemi lived (on this path she is blind and lives with Asojuano and Orunmila).

Oshún Ibu Awayemi was very beautiful and many men pretended her. She worked spiritually and was a healer, everyone in that land came to her to heal.

Oshún did not accept any of his suitors, even though they all had great power, such as the power of Eshu.

Very tired of being constantly bothered by her lovers, the beautiful Oshún goes where the fortune teller Orunmila, he consults her and he gets the Oddun Oyekum Melli and advises that he should do Ebbo (cleaning) at the foot of Eshú to prevent accidents that could happen.

Oshún faces the consequences of NOT doing ebbó

Oshún responds to Orunmila that she cannot do that Ebbó Shure (cleaning or rescue ebbó) because Eshú is her enemy. She leaves and does not do the Ebbó as Orunmila advised her.

Time passes and Oshún Awayemi marries Shango and they have children. Eshú, always furious about this marriage, prepares Afoshe (dust) and as Oshún passes by, he blows it on her and leaves her blind as revenge.

When they saw him blind, Shango and her children kick her out of the house, and the healer was seen in the street, blind and without support, so she turned again to Orunmila's feet.

When he got to the fortune teller's house there he was Asojuano. And Orunmila tells him:

Oshún for not following my advice to make Ebbo at the foot of Eshu, you went blind, I warned you.

Oshún Awayemi then makes Ebbó at the foot of Eshú and begins to improve his life, but not his vision. He could only see through their spirits.

The Oshún who divines and blesses through the water!

Orunmila and Asojuano then carry her in their arms to her house and seeing her children as the Awo of great power accompany her.añaBan kneels and apologizes to his mother.

She tells them:

Children, I want to live apart from you, because I must work on spirituality and I must always walk through my blindness accompanied byañagive of my copper cane.

I decide to live in the company of Orunmila and Asojuano, who will be my protectors.

From now on, they call him Orunmila and Asojuano:

They will call you Oshún Awayemi Ayaba Awoni (Oshún who guesses through water)

Oshún continued working and helping everyone through his spiritual work, but from that day on, through the water.  

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