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Did you know that the pumpkin gave Oshún beauty back? ≫ Pataki

Pataki Oshún and pumpkin

Oshun, the Goddess of Love and Rivers, according to Yoruba legends, is the only one among all the gods who can open the pumpkin, so those who practice the Yoruba religion know that they must respect this fruit and that it is also an excellent offering for the deity.

The holy gourd:

A Pataki says that all the wealth of the world is enclosed in the gourds, as their seeds brought jewels and riches as a gift from Olofin to Oshún.

And that is why vegetables are widely used to make offerings asking for economic prosperity.

But there are many Yoruba legends that explain that fascination for pumpkins that the goddess of femininity, the most beautiful of the Yoruba pantheon, has always felt.

She has the fruit as her protégé and that is why it is sacred to the orisha.

Many of the works that are carried out with this deity, mainly to ask for prosperity, use pumpkin, and the vegetables are a usual part of their offerings and addimús.

Pataki: Oshún and the fruit that flattened his belly

This Pataki tells that the beautiful Oshún had just given birth to the ibeyis and her body had lost the nice, smooth shape that she adored so much and that men liked so much, due to the time she had spent gestating.

Her stomach was no longer flat and as a goddess of beauty at last, Oshún gave great importance to her physique and spent her days looking in the mirror without ceasing to cry or seek remedies to regain the beauty of her belly.

One fine day, it occurred to him that he would begin to flatten his belly with a round object and he went to the forest looking for fruit that was the right size and shape for it.

La Calabaza, Oshún's protégé

She first found the güira, but after several days of use, the fruit began to dry out and the seeds were ringing too much, disturbing her. So he gave up on using the fruit.

Desperately, Oshún was walking through the mountains, when she found a fruit similar to the güira, but yellow, which was also her favorite color.

As it was round and nice, she started rubbing her belly with it and it turned out to her liking. Then the Pumpkin served Oshún and became his protégé, as he helped her regain the beauty of her figure.

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