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Why did Oshún eat chicken for the 1st time? DON'T ever be ungrateful

Pataki Oshún and the hen

The pataki relates that the hen was always uneasy, every time she went to nest she never found the right place to do so.

On one occasion she went to the bank of a river where there were many herbs to lay their eggs, there she could not lie for more than two hours, because the insects began to bite her making it impossible to stay there.

Pataki by Ogbe Ojuani where thanks to Orula and Eleguá, Oshún is saved

The hen was running from one place to another, Eleggua Seeing her in that state, he suggested that she sit on the bitter broom, because that way she would eradicate the evil that tormented her.

She did so and her condition was alleviated thanks to Eshu's advice, he told the hen that every time she felt like this, she would do the same and see how she would improve instantly.

The hen felt very grateful to Eshú, following the Orisha's advice her luck began to change and a short time later she began to feel bad.

For ungrateful and discrediting the power of Eleguá the hen falls from grace

This, no matter how much she tried to heal herself with the bitter broom, she was not able to do so, knowing that she was frustrated and ill, she began to curse Elegguá, leaving her reputation very bad before the people.

Oshún, who lived in the town at that time, was ill, the food she consumed did not provide her with the nutritional requirements and the strength that she needed to carry out her daily tasks.

So he decided to visit orunmila so that he would advise you what to do to improve your health situation.

Orula, who was the great diviner of Ifá, consulted her, prophesying that she would find a person who would give her the solution to all her problems.

Oshún reaches health and development by eating chicken

Oshún, trusting in Orula's word, left for her home reflecting on what had happened.

After a week, Oshún found Elegguá in the town square, after a long conversation, she told him what was happening to her.

Eshú, who knew about the hen's betrayal, told the holy owner of the honey from bees not to worry that he had the solution to her problems.

Together they left for the mountain where the hen was nesting, Elegguá captured it by giving it to Oshún, telling him to make a soup with it and you will see how you will feel better.

When Oshún got home, he followed Eshú's advice and after taking the soup and eating the chicken he felt much better.

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