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Story of how the Orisha OshĂșn becomes the protector of women

Pataki Oshun

When Olodumare created the earth, it was his children the Orishas who first populated the great blue planet.

All arrived at the perfect sphere with their own thirst for the unexplored, with a desire for knowledge and pleasure, so they began to organize meetings to celebrate their new life, raising the caveat that women would not be admitted to the longed-for treats.

The African Venus OshĂșn and her teaching to the Orishas

Pataki de OshĂșn and the women

OshĂșn the goddess of honey bees She felt isolated and rejected because she considered a serious insult the fact that female deities could not participate in the meetings and then the question arose in her mind of what would become of men without the divine gift of creation that the womb possessed. feminine.

So she decided to use her powers and her intellect by condemning all women to sterility, in order for men to understand the importance of giving women the place they deserved in society.

The infertility of the womb distressed the men

Anguished the virile Orishas went to Olodumare in order to raise the situation that tormented them, because what would happen to the earth and their families without the possibility of the arrival of their descendants, who would be the continuity of their lineage on the earthly plane .

Olodumare asked if OshĂșn, the protective goddess of motherhood, participated in the treats that were celebrated on earth and if they considered their wives and were courteous and attentive to their needs, a question that was answered with a denial.

Then the Supreme explained to all the Orishas the importance of women, as they were a fundamental pillar of life, family and work.

He confessed to his other children that OshĂșn the African Venus not only reigned over the womb and the product of conception, since she also did so over the fertility of the earth, business and love and that without obtaining the approval of this holy there would be no prosperity on earth.

The Orishas understand the power of the Goddess OshĂșn

Upon their return to earth, the Orishas invited OshĂșn to participate in their meetings taking into account their advice and opinions, regarding the issues discussed there, in the same way the right of women to have a voice and vote in decisions was established. taken.

Immediately after the establishment of these new norms of coexistence, OshĂșn was content and everything in its path began to flourish, the maternal wombs prepared again to cradle life inside them, the harvests became prosperous and the businesses obtained great and positive evolutions.

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