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2 Pataki de Otrupon Meyi where enemies are discovered Ifá warns us!

Pataki Otrupon Meji

Otrupon Meyi is a very rich and diverse odunThrough his pataki Ifá, he gives lessons to the religious, alerting them of the dangers to which the man who is marked with this letter is prone, at the same time that he tells them how to emerge victorious from the battles he will face.

In this sign it is necessary to be very prudent because envy and disloyalty are two of the great osogbos that persecute the religious.

Meanwhile, the believer is advised to be satisfied with what he receives from his Eggunes and Orishas, ​​since greed is strongly punished.

Ifá says: In Otrupon Meyi domination is born.

The pataki relates that the tiger was one of the most ferocious animals in the jungle, it instilled great fear on others, imposing its lineage above all.

But despite having so many benefits, he was not happy with what he had.

On one occasion he went to visit orunmila for the fortune teller to consult him and he marked the odun Otrupon Meyi warning him that:

Nobody could impose himself on his person because this would delay him in life and that he should always fight to lead and not be led in all the scenarios in which he found himself.

Orunmila discovered his enemies

Orunmila the great diviner of Ifá had many enemies, of which the great majority were underhanded and from their positions they were in charge of sabotaging the plans of the oracle.

One day registering, he discovered the threat of the envious who, from anonymity, cursed him.

So an ebbó began to be performed in order to cleanse his astral and thus purify the bad energies that he was surrounded by.

Ifá had warned him that he should go out with a dagger, a weapon that he would use to unmask his enemies.

Ifá opens our eyes to unmask evil ...

In this way Orunmila began to walk and near his house he saw a sack of wheat and when he pricked it with the dagger he realized that it was a lion that was waiting for him to attack him.

He continued walking and observed a rope that slowed his way and when he touched it with the dagger he unmasked the snake, the one that always crawled and cried its sorrows at Orula's house for him to help her, but this time she was waiting for him with sharp fangs to bite it.

Thus, during his journey, the great soothsayer discovered one by one the underhanded enemies he possessed, because thanks to Ifá he had opened his eyes.

Prayers and rituals against enemies and evils:

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