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Why did ducks and chickens become rivals?

Pataki ducks and chickens

Ducks were the favorite animals of the Orishas, ​​they boasted that their eggs were more succulent than those of chickens.

Therefore, they remained in everyone's preference, being the star element in many of the meals of African deities, as well as being the favorite ingredients in the execution of multiple religious rituals.

These possessed so much energy value that every sorcery performed under their presence was synonymous with success.

Pataki: The ebbó changes the fate of chickens

The chickens were upset by such a situation, they felt belittled even though they put great effort into the act of generating their eggs in order to make them worthy of the preference of the saints, but their efforts were invisible to them.

One day the chickens met in secret to all find a solution to their problem.

They agreed to visit the great Oracle of Ifá to help them solve their problems.

Orunmila He consulted them and after understanding their sorrows, he told them to carry out an ebbó, a work that would help them be more prosperous by increasing their good fortune.

Obediently and with great faith the chickens executed the ebbó that Orula had indicated.

Nothing is eternal in life and everything can change!

After this ritual, they began to multiply and lay more eggs, far exceeding the presence of chickens on the earth with respect to ducks.

It didn't take long for chickens to become the new favorites of the Orishas.

Their eggs were accepted by the whole world and their consumption grew, turning the chicken egg into the staple food of every home and the new center in the performance of sorcery, rituals that had become even more powerful as a result of its use.

In this way, chicken eggs displaced those of ducks in all spheres of life, demonstrating that the self-sufficiency of the feathered animals was useless, who felt invincible.

A teaching of humility ...

This odun transmits to all religious the teaching that nothing is eternal in life, in the same way that no one is essential.

You must be humble and upright so that when you have to be relieved of a task, the mark of effort and good performance remains, so that all of the person's work is not thrown overboard or discredited.

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