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The history of the birth of the Sacred Rule of Ifá and its relationship with Osha

Pataki Rule of Ifá

In the Katabagma tribe all its members were initiated directly into the Osha because in this culture there was no knowledge about the Sacred Rule of Ifá.

Consecrations were carried out daily without even counting on Constitution.

Olofin, very upset, decided to rudely punish such contempt by sending vice and evil as punishment.

Pataki: Olofin sends punishment to earth

Following the arrival of evils on earth, Yemaya he ordered his sons to steal a beautiful tree from Kawó Silé, which was the Orisha's favorite plant.

Faced with such a crime, Shango He cast a curse on the land in which he bewitched all wombs, condemning all women to infertility perennially.

Shango's wrath is unleashed

Not being satisfied with such punishment, he summoned his army in order to avenge the outrage suffered.

And not knowing which tribe the executors of the theft of his tree came from, he began a bloody war against all the aled villages.añas unleashing a ferocious massacre.

Eshu who was witnessing in silence the destruction of the human race decided to take action in the face of these evils and put an end to them once and for all.

Eleguá's intervention

Eleggua who was observing everything that happened, summoned the inhabitants of Katabagma to whom he explained that all the misfortunes that occurred on earth were related to Olofin's lack of license over religion, since the villagers themselves did not have his blessing to undertake his consecrations.

Elegguá informed the settlers that Olofin had sent him to earth as a prophet and that it was his wish that all the tribes unite under the same religion in order to avoid major conflicts and that respect among religious brothers prevailed.

The villagers told Eshú that no human being could enter their religious ceremonies without first having been enshrined in the rule of Osha, a fact that the owner of the roads promptly communicated to Olofin.

Olofin agreed to such a mandate and therefore prohibited any man or woman who was not consecrated in the Santeria, but seeing that conflicts would arise in the face of such divergence, he created the Rule of Ifá placing Orunmila as the great Oracle and protector of the secret of the destiny of men.

The sacred cult of Orula

From that day on, all the religious welcomed the representation of Orumila in their home, worshiping a new type of religion that completely encompassed the Yoruba Pantheon, respecting the rights of each Orisha over their children equally, with Orula being the saint in charge of designating which religious should be. consecrated under which guardian angel.

From that day on he identified his children with his necklace and ildé yellow and green, attributes that they should respect above all else.

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