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Why does the hourglass mark the arrival of day and the end of the night?

Pataki hourglass

The Sun, star king and direct representation of Olorun He worked tirelessly to keep the distant planet from the scourge of low temperatures.

With his rays he intervened in the crops so that the miracle of the crop sprout would take place and the human being would have food with which to subsist.

Pataki: The Astro Rey consults Orula for a solution

But this exhausted giant had no rest between his tasks so he decided on his way to visit Orumila the Oracle of Ifá, so that through his ékuele and board he would help him find a solution to the problem that tormented him.

Orula gladly consulted him, giving the Sun an odun that spoke that the solution it needed would only be found with the help of the sea, because it is as strong and powerful as he is.

In this way they both set out to meet the spirit of the ocean, who quickly manifested at their call, did so through Olokun, powerful deity that lives deep in the sea.

A pact of balance between the Sun and the Moon

Orumila then established a pact with him, which was sealed through two overlapping coconut halves and joined with majagua where one contained the water from the ocean, while the other treasured the sand heated under the rays of the Sun.

The great soothsayer then asked Olokun that when the half of the coconut that contained water was empty, a representation of its power to the sky would emerge from the ocean, which was later called the Moon.

At the same time, he indicated to the sun that when the sand predominated in the shell, it should occupy the sky to warm the world with its light and in this way create a balance between the land and the ocean.

The birth of the first hourglass:

In this way, the first hourglass for the Yoruba was born, where the pact between the Sun and the Moon is reflected, a fact that brought to humanity the presence of day and night.

The first would give away the light and heat of the Sun to carry out daily chores, while the second would mark the hour of rest on earth.

That moment in which the moon would emit its rays to refresh man and his domains and would mark the beginning of the dream, a cycle through which the spiritual world becomes more sensitive to the religious, allowing it through the dream to establish contact with the spirits and the astral plane.

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