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Neither Obatalá nor Oggún, only Orula became the true King

Pataki king Orula

The first Orishas tell that there was a people ruled by Obatala that suffered many needs, hunger and unhealthiness were the order of the day and this was a situation that no one could control.

Pataki where Orula becomes King of a people thanks to his goodness

People were already beginning to despair because they did not see in the king any interest in helping them change their lives.

The people met with the monarch to reach an agreement that would benefit them and could improve their quality of life.

Obatalá replied that he had nothing to do for them regarding the food that the only thing he could offer them was water to quench their thirst and he did so, a fact that created great discontent among the masses.

The villagers demonstrated against the king, attacked the royal palace and threatened to take justice into their own hands, as they were not happy with his rule.

The people removed Obatalá from the mandate and appointed Oggún to the new reign

And they went directly to the foot of Olodumare to be sent by another monarch who, if he solved their needs, asking as the first candidate to Oggún, the Orisha who owns iron and work, considering you fit to perform this position successfully.

Oggún agreed with the choice, but his working methods from sunrise to sunset were exhausting the hungry people.

The Orisha wanted to solve everything with hammers and anvils, strategies that the people did not like.

When they demanded for food the Orisha gave them some logs to satisfy themselves.

Offering that was not edible and did not meet their needs, so a new rebellion was armed because they considered this act as a great lack of respect.

Orula becomes King and happiness arrives for all

When they saw that their situation did not improve, a representation of the town went to visit orunmila to help them solve their situation through the word of Ifá.

Orunmila, seeing their situation, felt very sorry for what he gave to these, two goats that he had sacrificed to his Ifá and the people shared them equally.

In gratitude for this gesture of kindness that the fortune teller had with them, the people decided to make him king because they considered that Orunmila would solve their problems and that is how it was.

The people were happy with Orula's mandate so they became faithful devotees of his convictions.

Hunger and misery were displaced by the development of businesses and well-paid work and from that day on, everyone achieved the happiness they deserved.

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