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Shango's Councils are sacred and must be heard Patakí

Pataki shangó and the peasant

Yoruba religion it also responds to laws and commandments derived from the teachings of patakíes and stories, forming part of the rules of conduct for all santeros and believers.

These are precepts established to maintain the balance and peace of life on earth, balance and well-being, and must be followed by all those who are members of the Yoruba religion.

Honor, integrity and humility are the foundations of the Rule of the Ocha (Santería), as well as not sinning from greed and avarice, in order to maintain harmony and peace among all believers.

Y Shango, Orisha of Justice, was in charge of going down to Earth to transmit those teachings of Olodumare, to clean society and to make the people always follow the teachings of Ifá, through humility, respect and sincerity.

In this pataki we remember the importance of following the advice, mandates and wishes of the Orishas, ​​otherwise we may suffer the consequences in our lives.

Pataki: Shango and the peasant who ignored his advice

They say that one year, the Yoruba land faced a great drought and many men saw their crops die and with them, their only form of sustenance for the family.

This happened to a farmer who was very sad on the side of a road, because he had spent his few savings to feed his children, and he no longer had a penny to dedicate to his family.

Thus he mused sadly when he met the Orisha of Justice, Shango, who felt sorry for the man's pain and revealed that there would be rain the next day and it would be blessed.

The Thunder King's Blessing

“But you must try by all means not to get wet. If you do, I guarantee you great luck "

  • The Thunder Lord said to the peasant and continued on his way.

Indeed, as Shango had predicted, the next day it began to rain, but the poor peasant forgot the warning he had given him when he saw that gold coins were raining.

Happy, the man ran out without waiting for the rain to stop and began to collect coins. But he accumulated so many that he could not move the bag in which he had placed them.

He was there when a shower of gold coins fell right on his head and there, in the midst of so much gold, the peasant met his death.

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