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The liar is always discovered by Justice ≫ Patakí de Shango

Pataki Shango and the Blind Man

Shango He is the king of the Yoruba religion and one of the most popular Orishas, ​​as he symbolizes dance, virile strength, thunder, lightning and fire, owner of drums, dance and music. He is an orisha of strength, joy and courage.

But we must remember that Shango also represents the hand of justice and does not tolerate affronts or injustices.

And it is that legend has it that he came down to Earth when people had forgotten the teachings of Olodumare and was sent to proclaim the commandments of Ifá among humans.

In addition, to him obbatala He presented him with a white bead from his necklace and told him that from that moment on, his virtue would be justice and not revenge. Since then Shango wears a necklace of red and white beads and is a righteous Orisha.

Pataki: Shango and the blind liar

This pataki tells that one day, the Lord of Thunder, Shango, he was heading on his horse to a town that he had never visited and there no one knew about him and his powers.

Shango, king of kings, vigilante and recognized for always helping the weakest, stopped his mount almost reaching the town, because he found a poor blind man who was walking with great difficulty in the direction of the same place.

The orisha warrior asked the man if he was on his way to town, to which the respondent answered affirmatively.

Then the Thunder King said to him, "Give me your hand and I will put you on my horse", in an attempt to ease the burden of the underdog.

Shango mounted the man on the rump and thus they traveled a long time to reach the desired place. But when Shango helped the poor man off the horse, great was his surprise when the blind man began to scream for help.

  • "Help! They want to steal my horse "the blind man shouted at the top of his voice.

Thus, soon the habitaBefore the place they swirled around both and the forces of justice did not take long to arrive.

Deception never lasts, the truth always prevails

The blind man explained to those present that it had been he who had picked up Shango on the way and now he wanted to steal the only thing he owned in the world, his horse.

Many were moved and began to ask for a punishment for Shango. One of the soldiers then asked him to explain his actions.

To which Shango replied:

  • "If he says that the horse belongs to him, I think he should know if it is a horse or a mare."

The soldier then asked the blind man to answer. And this, taken by surprise and thinking that no one would see him, extended his hand looking for the genitals of Shango's horse to see if it was female or male.

So those present began to laugh and regañaThey called the blind man a liar, while the soldiers returned Shango's horse.

In this life the lie runs fast, but the truth always reaches it because between heaven and earth there is nothing hidden, before resorting to a deception we must know that sooner or later it will be discovered.

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