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Pataki and Work to Oggún to overcome difficulties

Work for Oggún

Our religion is a sea of ​​wisdom, many times we do not know why certain fruits or elements are so important for the religious, but the Patakies have the answer for everything, they are bits of ancient stories that help us understand the wonderful world of the Orishas. Before starting with the work to Oggún, here is the story.

Pataki by Oggun and the watermelon:

The Pataki tells that there was a town in which its inhabitants did not respect each other, much less had consideration for each other. Disobedience reigned and they spent their time doing atrocities, desecrating everything and with many bad vices.

Oggún punishes vices.

One day the Orisha OggunA warrior by nature, of an impulsive and violent nature, he found out what was happening in those lands and decided to go to put order and end all the faults that happened there.

But in this town, there also lived a man who was a believer, a faithful religious man who always spoke with Eleggua and this advised him to go to consult with Orula.

orula predicts the curse of the people.

When going to consult with orula He sent him an ebbó (cleaning) with melon because fate predicted that something very bad would happen in that land as punishment for the behavior of its inhabitants, therefore, he had to protect himself and take care of what the holy word of Orula was coming.

At the end of the ebbó this man had to plant that melon in the back of his house for protection.

The man did everything Orunmila told him and after some time Oggún arrived angry and furious at the things that were happening in that place and tore the heads of those men from the town house by house.

The melon appeases Oggún's anger.

When they passed by the house of the man who had been consulted at the foot of Orula, they saw him with a melon in his hand.

Oggún and his men were dying of thirst and hunger, with blood on their hands from the battle they had unleashed there, and Oggún asked the man what it was that he had in his hands.

The man offered the melon to Oggún and he ate it all, savoring and cooling his thirst and hunger.

The word of Orula and the ebbó save you.

After eating it, he told the man that the melon was very good and that for that reason he allowed him to be the owner of everything and that he would be the only man who would survive in those lands.

Since then Oggún the warrior is satisfied with melon and appeased.

Work for Oggún with watermelon:

There are many works for Oggún, but this specific work is dedicated to the great warrior to overcome obstacles, wars and difficulties.

With it you will be able to refresh and appease difficult situations and you will obtain the power to face the adversities that fate throws at you.  

Important: This work is at the foot of Oggún, therefore it is necessary that you have received the Warriors, otherwise you will not be able to carry out this work.

Items you need for the job:  

  • Fresh watermelon (can be whole, halved or sliced)
  • Two candles, if you have only one you can break it in half.
  • Tobacco
  • Schnapps
  • Corojo butter


  1. First you must put the watermelon on top of the Oggún casserole:
  • If it is whole, a hole will be opened at one end, so that the juice is distilled on top of Oggún to refresh it.
  • If it is half or sliced, the cut part is the one that will be placed on top of Oggún, in such a way that however you want to put the fruit, its juice will drain.
  1. Then his two candles are lit and Oggún is asked for everything you want, that is, talk to him about your problems.
  1. The work can be left until the next day, and you can use the juice that was distilled and found in Oggún's cauldron to take baths, or to refresh your home or the front door of your house.
  2. Then take the watermelon that was left to the mountain with 3 cents and leave it there.
  1. Upon returning, he must clean his Oggún with his respective corojo butter, smoke tobacco and brandy.

All works for Oggún must be done with great faith and love.

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