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At the seashore, mother Yemayá always listens to us ≫ Pataki

Pataki Yemayá in the sea

YemayaQueen of the waters, she has always been characterized as a deity who comes to the aid of her devotees in the face of any nuisance, as a good mother who always watches over her children.

And it is that Yemayá is the mother of the world and a goddess recognized by many devotees. She is always present for those who seek her in the sound of the waves, the song of the sirens, the salt of the ocean, the blue of the seas and the thousands of offerings that are dedicated to them.

She is the Yoruba goddess mother of all children on earth and represents the uterus in any species as the source of life, fertility and motherhood.

One of the most powerful Orishas that represents the intelligentsia, wisdom and changing characters such as the sea and its waves. All humans are children of the water woman Yemayá.

The story of Ogbesa and the gift of Yemayá

This Pataki says that Ogbesa was a good citizen, a man reputed for his rectitude, good character and solidarity with others. He was extremely loved by the people.

But so much so that the king of that territory envied Ogbesa's reputation and devised a way to shame him so that people would withdraw their unconditional support.

So it occurred to the king to organize a tournament in his palace and award three prizes to the winners. But he knew that Ogbesá did not have a horse, and could not compete. He would feel humiliated and people would forget his virtues to worship the victors.

The fortune that bestows the goddess Yemaya

On the appointed day of the tournament, Ogbesa had not been able to get a horse to participate. And since he was very sad, he went to the seashore to eat a piece of bread and to lament his bad luck and the misfortune of that day.

There he saw some ducks, and it occurred to him to throw some crumbs of his bread at them and so Yemayá appeared, who, seeing him so sad and moved by his attitude towards his favorite animals, asked him why he was hurt.

That man told him and the queen of the sea decided to help him. Then she gave him a horse to go to the tournament, which along the way grew to become an imposing steed.

Ogbesa arrived at the tournament on time and of the three prizes he won two. The citizens then demanded that the envious king acknowledge the superiority of his subject. The monarch then, made him moforibale.

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