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Yemayá always "does justice" and takes revenge for betrayal

Pataki Yemaya

Many years ago in the land called Guere Fun lived two twin brothers of great prestige and respect.

These had been consecrated in the Sacred Rule of Ifá and coincidentally they were ruled under the odun Ogbe Ate.

Both were actively engaged in the Yoruba cult so they both had a religious people to guide, since among their virtues was the art of divination.   

Pataki from Ogbe Ate: The Traitor

The first brother was very famous and loved because with the help of Orunmila the Ifá oracle had saved many lives.

Situation that caused discontent in the heart of his younger brother, a feeling that gradually grew.

The first-born lived oblivious to this harmful feeling that was housed within his twin, so he considered him his confidant, even telling him where he kept his Ifá.

The younger brother was a skilled transformer, he was capable of being a mouse and a man depending on the circumstances.

A great betrayal between brothers

One night he turned into a mouse and slipped into his brother's home and little by little, without attracting anyone's attention, he changed the ikines of his twin's Ifá for some dry seeds.

He was depositing the consecrated seeds at the bottom of the river, so that in this way the former lost his skills and prestige as Babalawo.

Oshun who was in the river noticed that a mouse was throwing the ikines into the water and apparently in good condition he picked them up and kept them at home.

The outraged priest was already beginning to lose his memory.

Yemaya who lived with him realized that something was wrong and was talking to Oggun so that he could help her and this one who was already aware explained what had happened.

Mother Yemayá does justice and punishes with death

On the way home, Yemayá did not know how to tell what happened, but subtly the words came out, the first-born did not know what to say in such a situation, but he cried in silence for his brother's betrayal.

Yemayá took the second brother to the shore of the ocean with the excuse of revealing a secret to him and when they were alone the African queen sang.

The Oluo realized that his life was in danger and tried to escape by turning into a mouse.

The goddess Yemayá, who was very fast, drowned him in the sea and in this way took revenge in payment for his betrayal.

Then the owner of the sea went to visit her sister Oshún in her domain on the river, she gave him the seeds of the firstborn's Ifá and in this way he was able to recover his memory.

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