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2 Patakíes that show the cunning of Eleguá: Orisha who always wins

Patakies Eleguá

Many elders are those who warn that the Orisha Yoruba Eleguá should not be angry or try to deceive him.añar, because he is the most cunning and mischievous Orisha of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Eleguá can open and close the doors of happiness, love, prosperity and all the blessings of life at will, so we must remember not to disturb him and always try to be worthy of his help and approval.

In the following two patakíes, the cunning of the little giant of the Ocha, guide and warrior, Lord of Paths and Destiny, is demonstrated.

1. Eleguá and the peasant selfish who lost everything

Once upon a time, there was a peasant who had a beautiful harvest of vegetables and meats.

Cabbage, chard, potatoes and sweet potatoes were displayed in all their splendor, so the man became vain and stingy.

The peasant did not help his neighbors or give away a single vegetable to the needy in the village.

One day Eleguá wanted to pay him a visit and passed by disguised as a beggar. When he saw the farmer, he asked him for something to eat, but the farmer flatly refused.

So Eleguá decided to teach him a lesson and the next day he came back disguised as an inspector and told him that the king would order all the crops to be cut down, because they were damaging to health.

The man was furious and told him that before that happened, he himself would finish off the entire harvest. So, he took a machete and immediately began to cut the plants.

Later, when he went to the king's palace to express his discontent, he found out that it was all a hoax, but it was too late, he had lost everything he owned because of his lack of humility and empathy.

History that teaches us that we must always be kind, especially with those most in need. If the Orishas put us in the place of abundance, it is important to know how to share.

2. Eleguá and the vain maiden

On one occasion, Eleguá wanted to prove the fidelity of a vain and disobedient young woman, who liked flattery and deception.

The Orisha held his father in great esteem for being a righteous man with a great reputation, so he decided to visit the girl.

Eleguá, disguised as an elegant man, began to court her, flattering her. She fell in love with him at first sight and secretly received him in her room and swore fidelity to him.

When her father wanted to arrange a marriage for her, the young woman refused to carry out his wishes, and confessed that she would only marry the man who had visited her.

The father, seeing that he had no other solution, agreed to his daughter's wishes.

Thus, Eleguá returned, but, although he was the same elegant man, he was lame, maimed and bent over.

The girl had no choice but to marry as she had promised her father and keep her word, and thus she received the lesson for being vain and disobedient.

On the other hand, engañaSometimes it works, but it is never correct, because the lie has short legs and the truth always manages to clarify everything, leaving us most of the time in a painful and uncomfortable situation.

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