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3 Patakis of the sign of Ifá Ika Iroso that advise discipline and respect

Patakis Ika Iroso

Through these three patakis belonging to the Ika Iroso sign, Ifá recommends to the religious:

The importance of leading life with discipline and order, respecting all people equally regardless of their age and reaching out to those in need, defending convictions regardless of whether their own criteria differ from those of others.

Highlighting in this way the importance of having security in life.

pataki of lto Earth where there was no order.

There was once a town where order did not exist and the laws were not respected.

Each of the citizens did what they wanted, turning the place into unsustainable chaos.

Olofin, who was aware of such a situation, decided to fully dump his forces to resolve this matter, so he sent for Oggun.

The Orisha owner of the iron quickly came to the call of Olofin, entrusting him with the mission of locating Osun.

Saint who would be in charge of restoring the order of things on earth, providing men with the stability they so badly needed, a task that he carried out with intelligence and success.

Ika Iroso, the Odun of prophecies.

Olofin summoned all the Babalawos of the Yoruba land, with the purpose of registering him before Ifá.

The Orisha who presided over the meeting was attentive to the words and advice of all the priests.

Which were encouraging, but did not clarify what Olofin needed to decipher.

Ika Iroso, who had performed an ebbó before attending the summoned meeting, was the only one who correctly hit on his prophecy.

In which he warned Olofin about a very great danger that was lurking, indicating the realization of a ceremony to stop the damage that was coming to him.

Olofin, who was receptive to Ika Iroso's words, became the ebbó and left the contest undefeated.

Ifá says: Do not mistreat children.

In Ika Iroso it happened that Olofin, seeing the mistreatment that children suffered on earth at the hands of their parents, decided to take them to his kingdom in heaven, where they would be safe and happier.

In punishment for the behavior of the adults, the Orisha stopped providing them with water, placing them in a precarious situation.

Giving parents a lesson they would never forget.

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