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Advice of Ifá through the sign Ika Iwori Make ebbó and DO NOT be trusting!

Patakis Ika Iwori

Both patakis belonging to the sign Ika Iwori warn of the need not to be trusted in people's intentions.

At the same time, they indicate the need to adhere to the advice of Ifá that warns in this odun of profiteers and profiteers.

They also make clear the need to do the complete ebbó and live in an organized and responsible way, keeping in mind the old saying that he quotes:

In confidence is the danger.

Pataki where the bat could fly, but the Ebbó was incomplete

The bat lived very sad and lonely, people made fun of it and even attacked it, mistaking it for a mouse.

One day, tired of so many humiliations, he left for the house of orunmila for this to provide you with some advice through Ifá.

Orula consulted the bat by marking the odun Ika Iwori through which he indicated an ebbó in which he had to provide some sheets among other elements.

In order to make wings for him so that he could defend himself from enemies and have an easier life.

The bat gladly looked for some of the ingredients to sponsor the ceremony and once it was carried out, its wings came out and it was able to fly.

The mammal thought that it no longer needed anything to be happy, so it never returned to return to the foot of Orula.

Without realizing that by not doing the complete ebbó, he lacked the strength necessary to undertake long trips, needing Ifa to lead a better life.

The Quail was stripped of his home for trusting too much of a friendship

The bitch and the quail were comadres, they spent a lot of time together and they told each other all their secrets, being confidants rather than friends.

As time went by, the dog became pregnant and had no place to pass the pregnancy with ease, so she went to the quail's house to take her in. When she saw her friend in trouble, she decided to help her and took her in.

When it was the right time to give birth, the bitch was weak and the quail, seeing that the puppies were very small, took pity on the bitch.

Although she had the need for him to leave, he did not ask her and decided to adjust his way of living for a longer time as long as his comadre was comfortable.

After a few months living with the dog was unbearable, getting to meddle in all the affairs of the quail.

This kindly asked the same to leave, at that moment the dog was enraged attacking the quail.

When the bird saw this, he knew that their friendship had ended and when he realized that it did not want to vacate the house, he found himself in dire need to go to court so that they could take action on the matter.

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