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2 Patakis by Ogbe Otura We must stay away from selfishness and lies!

Patakis Ogbe Otura

Ogbe Otura is an Ifa odun that warns religious about two osogbos fundamentally these are selfishness and lies.

Chasms that often lead to perdition to those who incur them, carving a disastrous and unstable future in their fall.

1. When the Orishas called Orunmila greedy.

In times of scarcity the Orishas met at the house of Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá, to all seek a solution to the famine they suffered from.

Together they decided to donate a part of their food to their peers and in this way all benefit.    

When closing the deal, each one took a different direction towards their homes.

The first to arrive at his abode was ElegguaHe took a roast goat and wrapped it in a cartridge to take it to Orula's house where the products would be distributed.

But on the way he thought that as he had to walk for several hours in the sun to get there it would corrupt him so he decided to eat it by himself.

Nobody kept what was promised! Only Orula respected the pact

The other Orishas in turn did the same indiscriminately with their contributions, so they arrived empty-handed to meet their fellow men.

Meanwhile the oracle had begun to plow the field to offer yams to the saints, finding to their surprise a jug with treasures.

The Orishas, ​​seeing that Orunmila had become rich, dared to claim their share of the jug in the agreement, to which the saint replied:

Whoever does not comply with the deal has no right to claim compensation.

The offended deities left Orula's house not without first calling him avaricious.

2. The power of slander.

A rumor reached Olofin that Orunmila was performing ceremonies to harm humanity.

The latter, distrustful of the veracity of the information received, was surprised that the Ifá fortune-teller could assume this conduct, but to be totally calm, he sent an emissary to secretly supervise Orula's work.

The entrusted person gave himself completely to the assigned task and began to observe that all Orula's actions were in order, so he came to the Olofin palace to report the results of the investigation.

Then Olofin understood that everything he had plotted to harm the fortune-teller was a lie and he was once again able to corroborate his worth and reaffirm the trust he had placed in him when he decided to hand over the board and the power of divination. 

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