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Special prayer to the Orisha Obba: Make a request for protection

Request to Obba

The powerful Orisha Obba represents magic, health and prosperity, we seek her power to give us protection and blessing under her pink mantle.

Obba is a powerful and revered Orisha in the Yoruba religion, known for being an indomitable warrior queen and the owner of the rivers and riches of the earth.

  • Their celebrations are celebrated on May 22, a special day to honor and thank their presence and protection.

It is known as "who possesses the feathers of the parrot's tail, a symbol of wisdom and protection", and is famous for fighting on the left (because she is left-handed) with unmatched bravery.

Obba is a figure of great strength of character, with a deep knowledge of magic and sorcery, attributes that make her a formidable protector and guide for her devotees. Clad in her majestic pink cloak, she represents the perfect combination of power and grace, and is invoked by those who seek her help and blessing in times of need.

Prayer to Request Favors from the Orisha Obba

  • Before starting a prayer you can light a pink or white candle, or a homemade wick, the important thing is to offer it light.
  • You can also give her a flower or whatever you want to give her, the essential thing is that it is from the heart and with a lot of faith.

Oh, powerful and venerated Obba, queen and indomitable warrior, owner of the rivers and the immense riches of the earth, we invoke you with deep humility and devotion. You, who possess the feathers of the parrot's tail, a symbol of wisdom and protection, and fight to the left with incomparable courage, I ask you to grant me your favors, and give me protection, health and abundance (make the special request). With your strong character and deep knowledge of magic and sorcery, guide my steps and defend my just causes.

Dressed in your majestic pink mantle, radiating the strength and grace that only you possess, listen to our prayers and, under your protective mantle, open for us new paths of development, prosperity, health and love. Give us your blessing, so that we may find peace and wisdom on our paths, and may your presence always accompany us, even if Obba is an Orisha of great power.

Obba's blessing in our daily life

Invoking the Orisha Obba is a powerful way to seek guidance, protection and blessings in our lives. Her strength, wisdom and grace are beacons of hope for all her devotees. As we raise our prayers to her, we trust in her power to open new paths and bring prosperity, health and love into our lives. May her pink mantle always cover us, and may her spirit accompany us in every step of our journey.

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