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Why should the religious ask for the blessing of the Orishas at dawn?

Ask for the blessing

The goat ruled over the earth, feeling very wise and aware of all the secrets and possible solutions for each situation.

He refused to accept any advice, as he assured that only he was qualified to carry out such work.

Pataki on the importance of asking for the blessing of the Eggun, Orishas and stars

Due to the behavior of the goat, the land was in osogbo, being unproductive and unlucky, so its habitaThey used to live without the hope that their situation would one day improve.

The goat had several children and on all of them he poured offenses, leaving only the smallest one free from this treatment, who spent the whole day delving into other people's affairs without receiving any scolding for his behavior.

On one occasion the mistreatment was so great that the children of the goat decided to leave their land, a situation in which they would be followed by many people. 

Olofin, who had become aware of the situation, sent Eshu to advise the goat.

Eleguá advises the goat not to lose its crown

Upon arrival of Eleggua the goat received him loudly, demanding that he let him make his own decisions.

The Orisha owner of the roads when seeing this only explained to the goat that if he did not go to see Orunmila he would be ruled without subjects, so he would lose the crown.

When he internalized the words of the saint, he went to the house of the great Ifá oracle, who consulted him advising him to make an urgent change in his behavior. 

The Ifá soothsayer told the goat that he should also do ebbó if he wanted to save himself.

By asking for the holy blessing of the deities, they will guide your way

In the same way, he had to ask every day at dawn for the blessing of the Eggunes, the Orishas and the stars so that they would bless him, guiding his way and recognize him as a humble being, realizing that he wanted to change his way of being and become the one. true king that the earth needed.

Ifá warned the goat that he should offer an apology to his subjects and his children if he wanted them to appreciate him again, a fact that the king instantly attacked.

By doing Ebbó and changing his behavior the king was saved

In this way, the goat who had accepted all the advice and had performed the ebbó, could see his kingdom populated again, becoming prosperous and productive.

Thus the goat was able to live happily in his land with his children, who managed to pride themselves on having a tolerant and receptive father to constructive criticism and suggestions given by others.

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