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How to ask Obbatalá for world peace? Mighty prayer to the father

Ask Obatala for peace

To Father Orisha Obbatalá, We pray to her for peace, in syncretism with the Virgen de las Mercedes, patron saint of prisoners, benefactor of the hurt and the one who holds up the emblem of freedom.

In a single cult, Cubans turn to these deities in times of pain, sorrow, uncertainty...always in search of faith and support.

At this time when world peace hangs by a thin thread, woven by years of terrible decisions and negative energies, the whole world is praying for the end of conflicts.

Not only Cubans, but also believers from numerous nations call the Orisha benefactor of humanity, symbol of peace, tranquility and spirituality, Obbatalá.

Why pray to the Father Obatala for the peace?

We dedicate prayers to him because he is the one who maintains peace in the world and can control his warrior sons. In fact, he intercedes with any Osha or Orisha for his children.

But How do we pray to Obbatalá to grant us his favor?

Let us remember that Father Orisha is Obbatalá, he is one of the seven main Orishas of the Yoruba Pantheon, also known as the 7 African Powers.

This Orisha is ruler of all parts of the human body, mainly the head, and is a symbol of peace and purity.

Offerings that we can give to Obbatalá when praying

Obbatalá fundamentally likes sweets, and loves some like:

  • white custard,
  • rice pudding and
  • fruits such as sugar apple, pomegranate and coconut.

It also prefers white flowers, mainly gladioli of that tone, also representative of peace, freedom and tranquility.

Usually, they are given in bouquets of 8 flowers, although we can also take just one as a sign of our affection and sincerity.

Regardless of what kind of flower or offering it is, the important thing is to do it with faith and deliver what we have from humility.

Let's not forget when asking Obatalá for the peace and tranquility of all, light a white candle to illuminate our prayers.

  • At the end of the article we share other offerings (addimuses) for Father Orisha.

Powerful prayer: Thus we pray for the peace of the world

Lord Obbatalá, immense representative of peace,

Father of all your children, benefactor of the world and of humanity

I ask you to help us in these moments of uncertainty and to restore that peace that we now yearn for more than anything else.

I ask that where there is hatred, you put love,

where there is offense, forgive,

where there is discord, put union,

And above all my Father, I ask you to put faith

Do not allow the world that we know until today to fall apart plunged into an endless war

Help us to restore peace, trust and love among all

Put your glorious hand, Obbatalá, and illuminate the path of humanity

So be it

Remember that to ask Obatalá for peace we must choose a quiet place, it is important to be clean and neat out of respect, and by the light of a white candle, ask him with love and faith for his help.

We share some beautiful rituals for Obatalá:

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