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Pedro Muñoz Ogunda Biode: Tribute to the Yoruba roots of Cuba

Pedro Muñoz Ogunda Biode

Pedro Muñoz Ogunda Biode as Obatalá He was a 37-year-old Oluo of Ifá, who on August 31, 1973 was consecrated under the Orula board by his godfather Paulino Balmori, belonging to the religious branch of Elpidio Cárdenas, a famous Cuban Ifá priest.

The first approaches of this man to the Yoruba temple took place through his mother Asunción León, who was an experienced spiritist.

In 1955 he received Orula's hand from his godfather Arturo Peña, where he learned that Obatalá would be the Orisha owner of his head.

In the year 1959 Oggún ruling deity of iron rules that Pedro was imprisoned for the saint and in 1959 manages to crown Osha from the tureen of Liberato Valdés, wise Cuban Obba.

Doing Ifa at the age of thirty was a challenge for the young Oluo, who with patience was forced to study and grow to live up to his time and the responsibility he had acquired with Olofin, Orula, the Orishas, ​​Eggunes. and humanity.

Despite all this, he never allowed fear to intimidate him, because he knew the strength of his faith and the deep love he felt in his heart for the Yoruba Pantheon.

History remembers Pedro Ogunda Biode for his wisdom

With more than 42 plants and hundreds of godchildren, history remembers Pedro Ogunda Biode for his wisdom and for the transparency of his words when he quoted those who came before him:

Religion was spirituality and whoever approached the Orishas to have a house, possessions, marriage, travel and money was annoyed, because what the saints could offer was health, peace, stability and the necessary strength not to give up in adversity or in the pursuit of dreams.

Serve this modest item to honor a humble man

He taught his friends and godchildren to see the Osha-Ifá from a disinterested lens, holding the conviction that:

  • The Orishas should be worshiped by men and not the other way around and that we were all Olofin's favorite children until we began to stain his name with bad actions and ingratitude.

Only in the moments in which life places man between a rock and a hard place, is when humanity knows the strength of its faith and how far it is capable of going to keep its word.

Serve this modest article to honor a humble man, to raise the Cuban Yoruba temple again and to remind the new generations that the legacy of the ancestors must be respected and named with pride, as this is the most indigenous sample of our identity.

Photos of Oluo Pedro Muñoz Ogunda Biode

The Oluo Pedro Muñoz is on the left

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