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Why do the Daughters of Oshún usually wear long hair?

In our Osha-Ifá (Santeria) religion, our beloved mother Oshún is a powerful Orisha, known for being the goddess of love, fertility, beauty and fresh water.

She is represented as an elegant and flirtatious woman, adorned with jewels and dressed in yellow and gold tones, which symbolize wealth and prosperity. Oshún is revered for her ability to heal, bring harmony and joy to people. Her mastery over rivers and fresh waters makes her an important figure in rituals of purification and renewal.

The spiritual meaning of Oshún's long hair

Now, let's take a moment to point out an aspect that is particularly intriguing for many and very interesting for everyone: the spiritual meaning of Oshún's hair and therefore that of their daughters (people who become saints and are protected by this protective orisha).

This seemingly simple aesthetic gesture contains deep symbolism that connects us with the sacred essence of Oshún.

How can hair so enrich our spiritual life?

Allow me to tell you the mysteries behind the long hair of Oshún's daughters:

1. Facilitates Spiritual Connection:

Long hair symbolizes a direct connection with the energy of Oshún, increasing our intuitive sensitivity and strengthening our spiritual bond.

2. Ritual Aesthetic Element:

More than a simple ornament, long hair is an integral part of rituals and aesthetic practices in our Yoruba religious tradition, expressing devotion and respect towards our mother Oshún.

3. Manifestation of Vital Energy:

Long hair reflects our vitality and connection with positive spiritual energies, being an appreciable witness to our inner strength.

4. Identification with the power of Oshún:

Keeping our hair long allows us to identify with the characteristics of our beloved mother Orisha, bringing us closer to her and assimilating her attributes into our being.

5. Preservation of Positive Energy:

Long hair acts as a channel to receive and preserve positive energies, being a protective shield that helps us maintain and enhance our spirituality in our daily lives. That is why we are often told not to cut it or not to put artificial dyes on it, because that energy would be dulled.

6. Leaving your hair long as an honor to the love of Oshún

In conclusion, long hair among the daughters of Oshún is not just a matter of aesthetics, but a practice deeply rooted in our spirituality. Through this simple act, we honor our mother Oshún and strengthen our spiritual path.

If you are a daughter of Oshún, now you know the power that this element has in our lives. Blessings to you.

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