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Do you know why War is unleashed by Peony seeds?

Santeria peony

The Peony is a plant native to Europe known under the name of Abrus precatorius L.

His name was given to him in honor of Peon, the doctor of the gods who is mentioned in the Iliad and in Homer's Odyssey.

Its use and knowledge spread to the African continent where this herb began to be used in the realization of omieros saints, fundamentally elaborated for consecration ceremonies especially those related to the Orishas osain y Kawo Sile.

Pataki: The peony seeds that helped the Orishas

Santeria peony seeds
Peony seeds are widely used in Santeria

The pataki relates that the seeds of the peony were very proud to be used by the Orishas in the performance of their rituals.

The fact of being able to help the deities to fulfill their tasks was a fact that filled them with satisfaction.

His power was such that mentioning his name was synonymous with respect.

one mañana Shangó was near a Peony plant when he heard a voice that quoted:

My black color is what makes me the favorite of the Orishas, ​​therefore I will always stand out compared to you.

With these words the black part of the Peony tried to take advantage of its counterpart the red one, thus a great dispute between the two was unleashed.

The red seed defended itself by saying that its lively and warm tone made it extremely effective in disentanglingañar matters of the heart and those pertaining to war.

Shango punishes the seeds by taking them inside his güiro

They were mired in this dispute for a long time, until anger began to unleash and the dispute turned to other more severe directions.

They began to beat each other, offenses and complaints flew, in which Shangó intervened opportunely, since they could not find a consensus on who to assign the object of their luck.

The Orisha who owned the war as punishment took them and introduced them inside his güiro so that they would always remain together and would eventually have to learn to value and respect each other.

Well, the secret that made them powerful was precisely the union in the same seed of both colors.

The peony, warrior and creator of conflicts

Due to his warlike nature, the Orisha who owns the Batá drums carried them with him inside his güiro on the saddle of his horse and when he needed the fervor of war he would let them fall on the ground of a certain kingdom and then they would start to surface conflicts.

This is why it is said in Santeria that the peony should not fall to the ground inside religious houses in order to avoid the emergence of conflicts between its habitabefore.

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