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Did you know that the barking of the Dogs drives away the Bad Spirits?

Dogs and evil spirits

A dog that howls at the moon does not want to attract your attention, with this action he is showing you that his eyes are capable of perceiving what perhaps you do not understand.

Throughout time it has been thought that animals possess the gift of clairvoyance, especially dogs, who are considered man's best friends.

How does spiritual power manifest in dogs?

Many affirm that these are capable of detecting spirits and other types of positive and negative energies that penetrate the home, or that simply surround the aura of people.

  • This is why it is so worrying when a dog does not like a person.

The prediction of illness or death has also had to do with dogs, as many pets remain with their owners during these times.

There are cultures that believe that some animals offer their lives in exchange for their owners' existence being prolonged a little longer as a reliable sign of loyalty.

Other cultures affirm that when a dog dies suddenly it is because it may have picked up some kind of curse sent to destroy the family, for this they are owed a proper burial in gratitude.

The dog in religion and other spiritual stories

The legends about dogs and spirits are very vast, these have come to captivate even the most incredulous, because who has not observed their pet barking observing points of the house where apparently no one has physically existed, even reaching regañaTell them when you see them get aggressive for no reason, and only they will know for sure what they have seen or heard.

The Rule of the Palo Mayombe and the Osha-Ifá in certain situations they have used these animals to create powerful shelters and perform ceremonies at the foot of the Orisha Oggun with different objectives.

Reason that makes us think that the connection between dogs and the spiritual world is evident.

Among its tombs, the Cristóbal Colón necropolis treasures one that is popularly known as the tomb of fidelity, a pantheon in which a woman rests who years ago had a close bond with her dog.

After this death, her canine friend went to visit her every day and rested at her feet, the dog refused to eat, he seemed to be looking for his own death to be able to meet his human again and thus be together again.

Love is proof that there are no distances or conditions to be happy, the protection that we men often long for goes beyond our own species.

Let us then respect those who accompanied usañan and let us realize that barking is sometimes nothing more than the tool to drive away spirits and disturbances that come to our home in order to annoy us.

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