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Asking Eleguá and Oshún for evolution with this Work

Eleguá and oshún together

Eleggua He is the orisha who opens and closes all paths, always going between heaven and earth telling Olofi and Olodumare everything that happens, walking between night and day to put man to the test.

He is a childish orisha in many aspects, he loves to play and is always doing evil things, but being the owner of the roads and crossroads, he opens them when he is attended to and treated with respect, he also closes them when they do not listen to his advice and do not they trust him.

You should never ask for money, but open paths so that the evolution we need reaches our hands, but always with faith, love, firmness.

When Eleggua listen and feel that your heart asks for it and needs it, it will give it to you. Do not dwell on wishes that do not suit you, because the little giant will not give it to you.

Opening paths with Eleguá and Oshún

Today we will also work with the beautiful Oshun, Eleguá's favorite and inseparable friend, owner of gold, wealth, love, pumpkin, honey and immense rivers, together they are powerful.


  • 1 Pumpkin
  • 1 dish
  • Candies and sweets for Eleguá
  • Honey bee
  • 2 candles

How to prepare the offering to Eleguá and Oshún?

For this work you need a pumpkin of a size that fits your Eleguá inside, remember to choose a beautiful fruit that is not beaten or in poor condition, it is an offering and must be presentable.

  1. Open the pumpkin and remove all the dough from its interior and place it on a white plate.
  2. Put your Elegguá inside the pumpkin and you will pour candies and sweets into it, then pour in honey.
  3. As you add the sweets and honey, you must ask, mentalizing what you need.
  4. When finished, he will put the pumpkin in front of Oshún, light the 2 candles and he will say with great faith:

Powerful Elegguá
Powerful Oshún
Here is your child (say his / her name)
Asking for the blessing
That what I want I have to see (say your request)
With the grace of Oshún my queen
And Elegguá my king
Thank you.

  1. This work will be in front of the Orisha for a period of 7 days and each day it will light those candles for a while. 
  2. On the seventh day take your Elegguá out and take said work to the river and let the current take it away, and along with it its negative energy and the problems that accompany it.añan.

Remember that everything that is done with faith and heart works, be clear and consistent with your request, converse with both deities, ask for all the good in this world for yourself and all those around you, never ask for evil because it can be turn against his person.

Eleguá and Oshún together are merciful, but also just. Blessings and Ashé.

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