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Do you know the Power of the Lightning Stone? Its owner is the Orisha Shango

Santeria lightning stone

The Lightning Stones They are other sacred parts of the Orisha Kawó Silé, the ruling deity of music, the candle and the atmospheric phenomenon that gives the rock its name.

They are structurally pointed, made for some cultures by the whim of nature, while others see in their design the hand of man.

Ancient cultures attributed magical and medicinal properties to these rocks, using them in healing and purification rituals.

This, in addition to providing a means of communication with the spirits, served them as a source of subsistence before their consecration occurred, a ritual that in part consisted of executing the sacrifice of an animal with the help of it.

This stone has magnetism, which causes it to attract electric discharges during storms, so we can infer that this is a stone that has great energy, which is used in performing invocations in Yoruba religious currents.

The stone of Rayo and Chango in Santeria

Shango Lightning Stone

The Lightning Stone is related to Monkey y Aggayu Solá in the Rule of Santeria, African deities who use it in their consecrations, since the birth of a descendant of these Orishas is not conceived without the presence of said otá.

In the same way it is used by Siete Rayos in the Palería, this rock plays a fundamental role in the consecration of the gangue, many Mayomberas branches require the ray stone to carry out their ceremonies.

It is believed that the Lightning Stone should be worshiped and cared for as one more deity, animal sacrifices and consecrations are made to it.

This stone should not live in the eyes of the curious, as being in public view is considered a disrespect for old customs and traditions.

The stone and its power as a protective shield against evil

On days when storms are coming, the lightning stone must remain well protected because it has properties related to this natural phenomenon, which could be triggered in the fall of said electrical discharge on the sacred mineral.

When a religious consecrates a lightning stone, he gains a protective shield against sorcery.

This is capable of attracting prosperity and unfolding towards the life of those who are intertwined with their spiritual field.

It is an indispensable requirement that the devotee attend to the otá because otherwise it will be weakened and will not have the same powers of defense and attraction as at the time of its birth.

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