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The Secrets of the Lodestone ≫ Attraction of triumph in the face of difficulties


The Lodestone It is naturally composed of magnetite, a mineral that gives it its magnetic virtues of attracting objects made of ferrous materials.

It has not been possible to establish when it arose or who discovered it since these data remain a mystery even today.

The usefulness of this stone dates back to the emergence of the first compasses used in navigation, where sailors used them to orient themselves in the open sea. Later they played an important role in the development of industries and in the advent of technology.

There are many legends related to the lodestone, which link this mineral with the cure of certain ailments, especially those related to Arterial Hypertension and metabolic processes, a fact that has not yet been scientifically proven.

Prayer to invoke the help of the Lodestone.

Lodestone Prayer

Magnet you came Magnet, it will be to safeguard you with me.

I ask you for gold for my treasure, silver for my house and copper for me to give to the poor and

as a source of light that you were for the Blessed Virgin Mary,

I want it to be from my hut: a sentinel of my home and of myself.

Religious pray this prayer to the Lodestone in order to obtain its blessings, it is believed that it is capable of attracting good luck and fulfilling wishes.

Ritual to attract the good with the Lodestone

  • To achieve this end, what you want to obtain is written on paper and wrapped around the stone, this little by little will be in charge of attracting what you want.

It is necessary to know that the lodestone habita inside a bag or a chest where it remains protected, since it is not considered correct for it to inhabit the eyes of the curious.

The Lodestone: attraction of the good

The Lodestone In the same way, it attracts positive energies and triumphs in the face of difficulties. This rock is used in the practice of meditations where it is charged with energy which it uses later in its work.

It is a powerful ritual object to restore strength and desire to fight for what you want.

This stone requires attention because otherwise its power is weakened, it is believed that it feeds on steel filings or other ferrous objects. The Lodestone must be treated with faith, because it will act in dependence on the devotion that is professed to it.

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