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Meet 3 types of Natural Stones with great spiritual significance

Stones with spiritual meaning

Most natural stones work as protection from negative energy, so it is very important for us to know how we can use them.

They can be very different depending on where they are in nature, but their properties will always benefit us. 

Of course, we must clean and program them, that is, purify and recharge them with energy, every time we use them.

Stones have many properties and uses and are also a part of nature that we can use as a decorative item or as costume jewelery while providing us with immense protection. 

Today we share 3 types of very powerful stones and their spiritual benefits:

  • Volcanic
  • Of marine origin
  • River

These are used for therapeutic, curative purposes or for their esoteric properties to clear negative energies, to attract love, prosperity, health, balance and luck.

Since ancient times, the different stones have been associated with healing practices, such as healing stones, and with protection rituals that help drive away the denser energies. 

Of course, there are precious and semi-precious stones that we can wear as jewels, but they can also be protective amulets that will keep darkness, bad eyes and envy away from us.

  • Each stone contains a meaning and a power that we must know if we want to make good use of them. Depending on where they are, will be the benefits they contain.

River stones, for good wishes and to ward off negative energy

In many countries where Celtic traditions still prevail, each of the wedding guests receives a river stone to convey their best wishes to the couple in this new stage. 

After the ceremony, that stone must be returned to the water to give the couple a married life full of abundance and happiness.

That is why, during the wedding, the guests held the stones in their hands and transmitted the good thoughts dedicated to the new marriage. 

By returning them to the water they sought to consolidate these desires to ask for prosperity and fortune.

Some couples even carry them to their honeymoon and every time they run into a river or lake they put them back in the water so that the wish is fulfilled. 

Virtues that these stones give us:

  • The river stones represent the earth and the power to enhance thoughts and luck. 
  • They are powerful elements of good fortune and best wishes. 
  • They are used in numerous rituals to ward off bad vibes and attract good things into our lives.

A powerful spiritual bath with river stones:

We can use them in spiritual baths and place them at the bottom of the bathtub, while we massage our body and relax.  

This is a deep and calm cleaning that will relax us and strip us of negative energy residues, as the stones will absorb it.

  • You can use other elements in the water such as essential oils, flowers, honey, to enhance the good vibes, you can also place a scented candle or incense to make the ritual more effective.

Volcanic stones, symbolize the immense powers of Mother Earth

The volcano stone and its spiritual meaning

Volcanic stones They receive this name because they have been extracted from the lava of a volcano and are used a lot for energetic massages, as it is said that they have a thermal effect on people. 

These stones, being able to maintain heat, allow us to keep our bodies warm and relax our muscles for a long time. 

These elements have an ideal temperature to be included in a special energizing massage and for this reason they are extremely popular today.

This type of stone is very common in its use for jewelry, decorative elements and also for rituals that are deduced from its energy contributions.

Spiritual benefits that volcano stones offer us:

The volcanic stone symbolizes the mother of the earth and gives us all the benefits, faculties and powers that it possesses. 

  • They eliminate stress, high tensions or heavy loads and revitalize the environment of the place where they are.
  • Another effect that volcanic stones have is that they are a type of protective stones that are responsible for blocking and absorbing all kinds of negative energy that reaches our home. 
  • They attract only positive vibrations and provide our personal space with emotional stability, eliminating negative emotions such as anger, resentment or bad memories.

The volcanic stone will help us with bad energies whenever we place it in our home at points close to our resting places. 

In addition, we must know that it represents resistance, tenacity and perseverance and that is why it is the ideal amulet for people with a desire to improve. 

There is a great variety of volcanic stones:

  • The most common stone is Basalt
  • Another very common volcanic stone is obsidian, also called volcanic glass and ideal for security, mental stability and concentration. 
  • Another well-known is the pumice stone or pumice.
  • Also andesite, dacite or trachyte are extraordinary as magical instruments, capable of absorbing all the negativity of the environment.

Piedras de Mar, to harmonize our home or business

Sea stones and their spiritual meaning

Semi-precious sea stones stand out for their intense colors and beauty, which is why they are widely used as decoration.

Using these stones to balance spaces is a very common practice:

  • In particular the stones of the sea, give us all their virtues when they are located in the corners of the environments, at the entrances or behind the doors.
  • From there they clean and favor the movement of energy and do not allow stagnation of vibrations.
  • In general, the most translucent and attractive sea crystals are used to effectively beautify, heal and harmonize any area.

Red Coral, for example, is one of the most popular sea stones, which protects against jealousy and envy, and helps fight depression.

In addition, it is known as the stone of fertility and vitality.

Spiritual meaning of sea stones according to their color

Sea stones are famous mainly for their colors, and for this reason they are divided and classified as follows:

  • White stones connect with purification
  • The red ones with strength, passion and love
  • Oranges with protection and self-esteem
  • Yellow stones promote communication
  • Greens connect us with life and health

Other powerful natural stones that give us many properties:

Very popular are quartz stones for their special properties. There are rose quartz, agate, amethyst, tiger's eye and many more. 

  • Rose quartz favors peace and harmony between couples
  • Smoky quartz helps memory and concentration
  • Agate to avoid stress
  • Tiger Eye to increase strength and balance
  • Onyx to counteract negativity
  • The opal to find love and fight depression.

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