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3 Sacred Stones of Aggayú Solá that treasure the secrets of the Orisha

Stones of Aggayú Solá

Aggayu Solá He is an Orisha with great virtues within the Yoruba Pantheon, his appearance is described as a robust giant, he is famous for having great strength which is proportional to his power.

This deity offers the religious stability and health, two of the greatest assets that the human being treasures.

The Orisha represented by the volcano habita In a wooden receptacle called a lebrillo, his tools and his otá dwell inside, a large and rounded stone generally black in color and uniform in appearance, elements that are consecrated through ceremonies inside and under the secret of the Osha room.

Yoruba literature relates Aggayú Solá as the Orisha of the desert, so her domains extend beyond simple lands.

Powerful othans representing Aggayú Solá, the Giant of Osha

This saint is linked with the volcanic stone, Garnet and Obsidian stones that treasure the secrets and virtue of the deity, which is related to love and the help of the needy, with the same strength that is required to fight and defeat the enemy.

With these otanes (stones) the santero elaborates guards that give him protection against the forces of evil and dark spirits, with these amulets the religious enjoys the benefit of the direct attraction of development and the iré for him and his family.

The Volcanic Stone is an extension of the Orisha lava. 

Volcano Stone
Volcano lava

The volcanic stone It is formed when lava cools and petrifies. This Otá belongs to Aggayú Solá, it is considered as an extension of the deity's own body.

This stone prevents the santero from the loss of either a loved one or a material good.

The Garnet is the staff of Aggayú Solá

Garnet stone

The Garnet It is a precious stone belonging to Aggayú and Kawó Silé. His merits include prosperity and success in business.

This is used as an amulet by the children of Shango who say they feel connected to their father by using it. In some patakies Aggayú Solá is described leaning on this rock.

Obsidian is the stone of immortality.

Obsidian stone
Obsidian stone

The origin of this unique stone dates back to Mesolithic times where it served as a spearhead in hunting, fishing and the defense of primitive man against predators and their hunting prey.

The strength and endurance of obsidian It is due to its component of volcanic matter, a fact that links it with Aggayú Solá the Orisha represented by the volcano. Its longevity is the attribute that distinguishes it from the other stones.

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