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Sacred stones used by each Orisha in the Rule of Osha-Ifá

Santeria stones

One of the first elements honored by man was stoneNumerous signs, symbols and representative figures were carved into stones.

The hardness of the stones, as a material, served as a utensil for domestic work, the field and to defend oneself.

And it is that in all cultures the stone has played an important and valued role, in addition to being venerated in different times and religions.

The stones in African religiosity and Santeria

For the African culture the stones have a mysterious value, and specifically in the Rule of Osha-Ifá a great importance is attributed to the stones, since they are sacred.

The stones carry with them the soul of the Oshas and Orishas (Yoruba deities) that is, their essence, their magic, their power, and their vital energy.

The stones used in the cults and ceremonies in the Rule of Osha-Ifá, are chosen according to their shape, their color and the place where they live depending on the deity.

These stones in the Yoruba language are called Othanes.

One of the fundamental steps in the Yoruba religion is that each stone that is chosen for the new initiate must be accepted by the deity, therefore it must be asked through the throw of the coconuts (Oracle of Biagué), if the Osha u Orisha accepts such a stone.

After all the stones have been collected, they will go through a ritual called "lavatory", through sacred songs and prayers.

Once these Otans are purified, they will receive the blood of the animal sacrifice to the Oshas or Orishas, ​​after the initiate's coronation.

The essence of our religion and its religious lies in the life and in the voice of the sacred stones of each of our Orishas.

How should the stones of each Osha be?

Choose:It is a stone in the shape of a triangle sought in the mountains, roads, crossroads.
Oggun:The stone of the owner of the Iron is sought in the mountain.
Obbatalá:It takes 4 or 8 white stones according to the holy house.
Oshun:It carries 5 stones that are collected in the river.
Yemaya:It has 7 stones collected from the sea, but many holy houses collect them from the river. Those of the sea are usually porous stones and those of the river, smooth.
Oyá:Its stones are usually veined in red and it has 9 stones.
Shango:It has 6 stones of very dark and bright color.
Oggue:It carries a single stone in a flattened form.

Powerful stones used in the Rule of Osha-Ifá for their essence, power and energy:

The river stone and its spiritual meaning

Volcanic stone:

This stone provides firmness, constancy, strength and protection, eliminating the bad vibes that surround us.


Quartz typeCorresponds to the OrishaMeaning
White or transparent quartz obbatalaIt is a stone that heals by eliminating negative influences, it also offers protection and balance.
Violet quartz OyáIt is perfect to attract good vibes and at the same time eliminate the bad ones, it is pure energy related to spirituality.
Pinkish quartz Nana BurukuIt is the stone of absolute love, it removes the negative energies from our body and mind and replaces them with love. 

Lapis Lazuli:

  • Corresponds to Olokun, the owner of the depths of the sea.

It is a very old stone of a deep blue color. It was used to honor God and his deities.


  • It also corresponds to Olokún.

It fights envy, gives us protection and inner peace, calms us and clears our mind


  • Corresponds to Oshun, the goddess of the river and love.

This stone contains many mysterious properties, gives us beauty, attracts true loves, is healing and cleanses our spiritual and physical body, provides security and is motivating.


  • Corresponds to Eleggua, the owner of the road.

It protects us against the evil eye, envy, and black magic spells, it also helps to compensate in economic matters. Attract luck in games and avoid nightmares.


  • Corresponds to Oggun, the owner of the mountain and the iron.

It helps us not to get upset and guides us to the root of problems or to the teachings they leave behind.

It attracts abundance, brings out our fears and changes them so that they flow, it is a successful stone because it gives us loyalty and a lot of balance.


  • Corresponds to oshosi, the vigilante who carries a bow and arrow.

It absorbs any negative energy that may exist next to us, it is healing, it offers a lot of protection and it forms a barrier that does not allow negativity to arrive.

When Hernández Cortés arrived on the continent, he faced the attacks of the warriors who haabitaThey went and pointed out that the arrows of the warrior Indians were lethal and pierced their armor. All the arrow and knife points were made of obsidian, and they were very sharp.

Lightning Stone:

  • Represents the power of Shango on earth through Edún Ará (lightning stone).

This stone offers us healing, attracts prosperity and luck, against bad intentions, envy, and is protective of negative energies.

Red garnet:

  • It also corresponds to Shango.

It stimulates sexual potency, creates affective balance, is good for doing business and achieving success.

Aquamarine, agate and amazonite:

They correspond to 7 African powers, powerful orishas that are:

  • obbatala the father of all in the Yoruba pantheon, brings us peace and wisdom
  • Eleggua the owner of the road and the 4 corners, gives us new roads
  • Oggun the lord of iron and mountain, gives us strength and firmness in life
  • orunmila the great oracle of Ifá and fortune teller who gives us wisdom  
  • Yemaya the mother of the world, mistress of the sea and protector of her children
  • Oshun the owner of rivers and fresh waters, brings sweetness and love in life
  • Shango, the owner of fire and lightning, brings victory in the battles of life

Meaning and virtues of these stoness:

Aquamarine:They are healing stones, they relax the mind, they calm stress, they drive away everything bad.
Agate:It drives away fears, and it is the stone of luck that, in addition, protects against diseases. It helps us to accept who we are, it has a great spiritual emotionality, to the point that you feel each soul or spirit.
Amazonite:A stone that greatly helps intuition, has the power to alleviate emotional problems, heal and heal fears, and negative energy eliminates it completely.


  • Corresponds to Inle, the divine physician of the Osha.

This stone is a great light on the path, it provides a lot of energy, health, prosperity and also abundant spirituality.

It helps to have self-confidence, prevents and solves many disease problems.

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