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Know the 4 pillars of Ofun Nalbe: The word of Obatala gives him salvation

Ofun Nalbe Pillars

The bodily fluids were born in Ofun Nalbe (Ofun Ogbe), being elements that guarantee balance for the organism, citing as examples of this:

  • Saliva,
  • gastric juice,
  • the blood,
  • the semen,
  • cervical mucus and
  • the sweat.

The religious must be selective when choosing his partner because through semen and vaginal fluids he can contract venereal diseases, so the use of protection during intimacy is recommended.

In this Ifá was born:

  • Spermatogenesis and
  • the ability to procreate in man.

Through this letter Orula advises humans to drink plenty of water and stay hydrated so that their kidneys do not suffer and end up collapsing.

1. In Obatalá's house no head is above his

Ifá says that in Obatalá's house no head is above his.

Therefore, the religious must be receptive to the advice of the deity and understand that the word that the saint gives is in search of the salvation of the person.

Respect and comply with Obatala, Orisha who came into his life to be a fundamental pillar.

2. Do not eat spoiled food

Ifá advises you to preserve your life from dangers, because in Ofun Nalbe the person can die tragically.

In this letter they expelled Saint Lazarus from the town and misfortune took his place.

Gastrointestinal conditions are the Achilles heel in this odun, so it is recommended not to eat spoiled food and prefer fresh food instead.

3. Ifá where the lack of love affects people

Revenge and mistreatment of others is paid dearly in this lyrics, where the lack of love takes its toll on people.

The woman ruled by Ofun Nalbe It has a bad reputation, being on everyone's lips it unwittingly attracts negative energies.

For your astral to be purified, you must bañalaugh with:

  • Cascarilla y
  • White flowers.

4. The prohibitions born in Ofun Nalbe

Orula says that you cannot use abortion as a contraceptive method, respect this practice out of consideration for the new life that it will bring in your womb and your health.

  • In this letter the children inherit the virtues and the defects of their parents.
  • You must live your own destiny, do not imitate anyone because you will fail.
  • You cannot marry the military or drunkards.
  • Respect firearms.
  • Speak clearly with your children so that in the future they are not deceived.

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