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What is the Pinaldo in Santeria? The one who came to save the world!

Pinaldo santeria

The Pinaldo also called obbe or finaguo It is a consecrated knife in honor of the Orisha Oggun, deity owner of all instruments made with iron.

It is known that the Pinaldo lives at the foot of Obatala, covered with cocoa butter and later wrapped in cotton.

Receiving Pinaldo or knife represents the highest hierarchical level within the Yoruba Religion.

The receipt of this power is the subject of religious controversy between santeros and Ifá priests, as many doubts arise with it, such as:

  • The possibility of women wearing it or
  • the displacement that arises on the part of the santeros when through this they can sacrifice four-legged animals.

Fact that explains that on many occasions the oba is in charge of making the immolations inside the saint's room, then entering major ceremonies.

How does the Pinaldo arise within the Osha?

When Oshagriñan was still on the throne, his kingdom had reached great development in terms of architecture and medicine, but his men were defenseless.

These had a tool to help them defend themselves, for the same reason they could not hunt and only lived under the sustenance of fruits and vegetables.

It was then that the king ordered Oggún the Orisha blacksmith to make a weapon with which his men could fulfill all the aforementioned and that is how the Pinaldo was born in the Yoruba land.

Said knife can only be used by those who have been consecrated in this ceremony, since it is from the hand of Oggún that the sacrifices are made, since no human being is authorized to take the life of any other living being.

With what objective does the religious receive the Obbe or Pinaldo?

When the religious receives a knife, he will begin to see his true religious independence, since he will be in charge from that moment of founding his own religious house.

Everyone who receives the obbe must reinforce Oggún for having been the creator of it.

El Pinaldo came to save the world!

It is believed that the Pinaldo came to save the world, because not only did it allow men to evolve as a species, it also became the ritual object to perform the immolations to the Orishas.

The ceremony of receiving Pinaldo is tied to many speculations and secrets, the truth is that the sacrifices given to the Orishas and the cost of the ceremony is high.

More, the fundamental thing is not the luxuries but the fulfillment of the advice of the saints, because only these will be the ones that will make you older in Osha.

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