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The Piñón Botija in the Yoruba Religion ≫ Herb that scares away curses

Botija pinion in Santeria

The Pinion of Botija It is an Ewe (herb) of vital importance in the performance of ceremonies within the Yoruba religion.

Known under the scientific name of Jatropha curcas L, it came to our island from Africa and Europe.

This powerful plant belongs to the Orishas Obatalá, Elegguá and Shango who use it during the performance of multiple of their magical rituals.

This tree serves the santero to protect himself against the attacks of sorcerers, which is why it is recommended to plant it in the house, because in this way it is guaranteed that its presence scares away the hexes that may be sent with the intention of disturbing the peace of the Ilé ( house) and its inhabitants.

Religious uses and properties of the Botija sprocket in Santeria

Santeria jug sprocket
Botija Piñón Plant

It is necessary to know that this stick is not part of the ngangas because if so it would drive away the spirits that work in them due to its important astral energy.

The drainer or mayombero, uses it only to defend against enemy attacks.

The Piñón Botija must not be present during séances or spiritual masses regardless of the reason for which they are held.

This is because their influence is so powerful that it will prevent the spirits from coming down to earth to communicate with humans in order to transmit their teachings to them.

This scare quality of beings from beyond is used by the santero to clean the entrance doors of the houses of the presence of supernatural entities when it is suspected that they have been the object of a spell or to immunize themselves against the damages that are usually received. from the hands of envious and evil people.

During Lent, this stick is used only to do good, as it receives directly the blessing of Olodumare the supreme Orisha.

With the wood of the Piñón Botija, wards and crosses are made that protect against bad influences and witchcraft.

The virtues of the Piñón Botija that the Orishas use.

With the leaves of this plant, omieros are made, which, combined with basil, free from the presence of any evil that may be disturbing the house.

Eleggua He uses this herb in order to clean the paths of his children and give them a better future.

Obatala the Orisha who owns all heads uses the virtues of Piñón Botija to bring peace to the home of his protégés.

While Shango the owner of the candle, uses this plant to make war and defeat the war against his enemies.

Other Powerful plants used in the Yoruba religion

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