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Do you know the Yoruba meaning of the planets? The influence of the stars

Planets in Yoruba

When Olodumare created the universe He gave great importance to the presence of the planets, the Earth being one of his greatest works, because in this place he would have human beings, who were sculpted in his image and likeness, to live.

Towards earth he sent many other of his creations, such as the light from the sun, water and spirits. 

Olorun is represented by the Sun.

Smell the sun

The Sun is the king star, this great star represents within the Yoruba Pantheon Olorun, a deity that forms a supreme trilogy with Olofin and Olodumare.

Through the sun force and power are embodied, Olorun constitutes life and the need for light and heat for everything on planet Earth to prosper.

The formation of the personality and the methods to face the world are born in Olorun, who radiates to humanity with his creative energy.

Oshupa: the Moon is the relay of the Sun in the sky.

Oshupa is the relay of the Sun because with his arrival Olorun is going to rest and this reigns over the sky.

The Moon brings freshness and with its presence it facilitates the rest of humans, animals and plants.

It is this beautiful satellite that is in charge of discreetly interceding with Olorun on behalf of humanity.

Under its protection are emotional stability and the family whom it protects and unifies.

Koleabe: Mercury the god of intelligence.

For the first Yoruba, Mercury was named Koleabe, this was in charge of providing intelligence and serenity about the world, a fact that kept it closely linked with Obatalá, protective deity of human thought.

This in turn gives man the ability to communicate with his peers and with the universe showing his perspective on life and feelings.

Koolein: Jupiter represents optimism.

Optimism is born in human beings fostered by Jupiter, a planet that with its energy gives strength of will and determination.

Never is a man more motivated than when he receives the good vibes of Koolein.

Success is born through Jupiter, therefore, people protected by this celestial body are very lucky in life.

Awala embodies feminism through Venus

Awala represents love and the ability to feel for others.

Femininity is born through Venus, a planet that is ruled by Oshún, Yoruba goddess of fertility.

Through the influence of Awala we learn to create sentimental ties with what surrounds us, mainly with our peers.

Baweo: Saturn provides the virtue of concentration

Concentration is one of the benefits Baweo gives human beings.

This in turn is related to the responsibility and maturity that is needed to face the adversities that may arise on a day-to-day basis.

Irawalokun represents fury

Irawalokun is recorded in the Yoruba Religion as the embodiment of fury, also known under the name of Mars.

The planet is syncretized with Kawo Silé Orisha of fire, this projects the brute force and the unexpectedness of the impulsive character.

Olare: Uranus the planet of freedom.

In times when slaves suffered the onslaught of colonization, they entrusted their cause to Olare, a word translated as Uranus, so that the planet could help them obtain their freedom.

Intuition and the desire for learning are also cultivated by Olare.

Irawolokun: Neptune encourages esotericism.

Neptune is the planet that cultivates in man the curiosity for the world of the occult, this is attributed the attraction to faith and the paths that lead to the unknown.

Being the defense of spirituality its great banner.

Pluto the celestial body of Iku

Pluto is the celestial body related to the passage towards eternal life, for this reason it is called by the Yorubas as the planet of death.

The correction of mistakes and the change of behavior to have a better life are born in the house where Pluto is astrally housed.

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