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The Power of the Ácana ≫Did you know that a Cross made of this wood protects us?

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The Ácana Carbonera It is a wood widely used in the Rule of Palo Mayombe by Siete Rayos and Sarabanda, deities that rely on the virtues that this natural element possesses to perform their enchantments.

It is very useful to create or reinforce the bargains and safeguards, especially the garments of recently consecrated draperies.

The acana has medicinal properties among which its antiseptic qualities stand out, although it should be noted that it has many others.

Its peculiar color places it as an exotic wood, which, linked to its great energy, gives it a distinctive stamp among the other woods of the mountain.

The Cross of Ácana, protective and ritual element

Acana cross

The Ácana is a strong stick representing the strength, containment, and power of God on earth.

The Mayombero and the santero They use it in the creation of numerous ritual objects and tributes that are later presented to the gods as a token of devotion and loyalty.

How does the cross protect us?

The shape of the cross is precisely chosen to be represented with the Ácana Carbonera as it is a symbol of great power and redemption that exercises important dominance over the spiritual forces that surround the house.

The cross is in turn the barrier that marks the difference of the supreme with the conflicts that develop between the forces of evil and good, those that remain in perennial combat on earth.

The Cross that is built with Ácana has the virtue of providing protection to the individual and the home, warding off bad influences and dark spirits that could be found exerting disturbance.

The Ácana against the evil eye

It has a certain effectiveness to combat the evil eye, an entity that it protects against.

It is believed that when the medium is going to begin to invoke prayers to eradicate this evil, he must have an Acana cross in his hands in order to force the bad energies to abandon their energy possession on the aura of the affected individual, in this case it is it also acts as a protective shield in favor of the stripper.

Where is the cross placed?

The cross of this wood It is placed on the headboards of the beds in order to guarantee adequate rest without the possibility of the person being stalked by any presence in the darkness of the night.

This wood can be placed in the same way on the spiritual vault, a scenario where he will fight together with the spiritual representations of the house in favor of maintaining an energy barrier that prevents the entry of the forces of evil on the home or its inhabitants.

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