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The Ten of the Day plant, the sacred herb that cures any fever

Plant ten of the day

Its Scientific Name is: Portulaca pilosa

The Ten Floor of the day belongs to the group of succulents and the flower of this plant is very attractive due to its intense coloration. It is widely used in gardening, although in some places it is considered a weed.

It is native to Asia, research indicates that it comes from India, but it has now spread throughout the world, and we can find it in Cuba, as it is perfectly cultivated in tropical areas.

Its name is due to the fact that the flowers of these plants open their petals in the morning hours.añain the presence of abundant solar radiation, although it is said that it is also due to its intense spiritual properties.

It is a highly resistant plant to drought, and this is due to the peculiar shape of its leaves, which, despite being small, are bulbous and store water during the rainy season.

Medicinal properties of the Diez del día plant

The Diez del día plant stands out for its culinary use, because it is consumed as a vegetable and has become part of traditional dishes in several countries. It is usually consumed withañagives pork.

It also has medicinal properties and is included in homeopathic medicine. It is said that, in Greece, it is used as a home remedy for the cure of constipation.

Healers say that this Yerba is an excellent remedy for malarial fevers and all fevers in general, regardless of the cause that motivates them.

The Ten of the Day in Yoruba religion

For Yoruba devotees, Yerba Diez del Día is extremely important for its spiritual and medicinal properties, which indicate that when the flowers open, they can cure any type of fever and also carry away negative energies.

Its owners are Oggun, patron of blacksmiths and owner of metals, Yemaya our universal mother and Oshun the Queen of rivers and sweetness.

Thus, we see that it is a legendary plant and extremely effective in terms of spiritual properties, because with it you can prepare Omiero (spiritual water prepared from healing herbs that belong to the Orishas).

Very used in spiritual baths and washings, in this way everything bad, disease, conflict and all kinds of negative situations, even death, are removed.

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