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3 Ceremonial Plants of Changó: the Alamo, Algarrobo and Cariel

Changó plants

Shango the king of music, is a foundation deity within Santeria, this Orisha takes possession as one of the seven African powers, being also a foundation saint who is crowned directly in Osha.

3 Powerful plants that guard the Ashé de Chango

Poplar, Changó plant
Poplar leaves

This African king uses the energy and secrecy of herbs (ewes) in his rituals to achieve his goal.

The Alamo is the sacred herb of Shango.

The Alamo is a herb with multiple qualities, this is required in the making of the omiero of the seat that is used in the consecration of the Kawó Silé tools.

When the king of thunder is angry, he is calmed with poplar leaves, this plant is also used to decorate the altars of this deity.

The leaves of this herb are used to make the omiero that is used to carry out spiritual purification baths, which allow the possibility of warding off bad vibrations, dark spirits and the neutralization of the evil eye.

The Algarrobo, Ewe of the truth.

Algarrobo de Shango

The Algarrobo is a plant blessed by Shango, its qualities include strength and vitality.

With its leaves, the seat of the Orisha, owner of the Batá drums, is made, with which many of its elements and relics are consecrated.

With the Algarrobo leaves, Shango is covered when he wishes to obtain his help in order to bring to light a hidden truth. Its wood has been useful to santeros for the realization of safeguards capable of providing protection and I will go to whoever carries it.

The Cariel is the secret weapon for the children of Kawó Silé.

The Cairel is a very peculiar plant, in this Kawó Silé concentrates its energy and its gifts, making it possess great merits and virtues.

With this the santero prays at the foot of Shango in search of his help and benefit.

This plant is used when going through a major war or when fighting a strong adversary.

With the wood of Cariel amulets are made that will give luck in love and in business, it is believed that it is capable of attracting good fortune and the appearance of new opportunities, it is impossible for the person who wears this amulet to start any day with the left foot.

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