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2 Magical plants with the Ashé de Orula: Virtues for love and blessing

Orula plants

orunmila The Great Oracle of Ifá is a very powerful Orisha, this is considered as the treasurer of the secrets of Ifá.

Olodumare in person gave him the gift of divination in order to warn man about many of the misfortunes that he could suffer in his passage through the earth.

  • Identifies with colors yellow and green, which are reflected in the brand with which he identifies his children called ildé.
  • Orula in the Christian Religion it is syncretized with San Francisco de Asís, his day is celebrated on the fourth of October each year.

Orula, the Great Oracle of Ifá is aware of the Ceremonial Plants

Cundeamor plant
Cundeamor plant

This Yoruba saint is knowledgeable about herbs, its properties and magical virtues.

With these, the deity completes her holy ceremonies, making her enchantments extremely effective, as they are based for the most part on the energy obtained from plants and nature.

The Cundeamor is the Ewe that Orula uses to find Love.

The Cundeamor is the Ewe (herb) that the Great Diviner uses to carry out baths and cleanings so that the religious can find his better half.

With this herb an omiero is made which is responsible for purifying the person's astral so that love reaches his life.

This liquid will always be applied respecting the head for the rest of the body.

While the omiero touches the body, all the blessings that the religious wishes to come to his life, mainly health and love, will be invoked, since the ireses are the protagonists in the development of this enchantment.

The Mighty Hand is the herb that the great fortune teller uses to bless Amulets.

With the help of the powerful hand, the religious blesses his amulets under the virtue of Orula, who sends his blessings through the omiero that is performed with the powerful hand.

  1. Only the leaves of this herb are used in this ritual, the prepared liquid is añade cascarilla and brandy.
  2. Once this ceremonial liquid is ready, the amulet is introduced inside.
  3. With the help of the ceremonial bell the presence of the great fortune teller is invoked.

With the segments of Mano Poderosa, people and the house are crossed to move away from it:

  • The evil eye
  • the disturbances induced by bad thinking and the negative influence of underdeveloped spirits and
  • bad energies.

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