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5 Plants with powerful names that give us spiritual protection

Powerful plants

The use of herbs and the secrets of nature not only for different cures, but also for spiritual protection, is characteristic of the Yoruba religion, as plants have their own powers and many of them represent the forces of the Orishas.

If we learn to use herbs, we can communicate well with the deities and ask for their blessings.

In spiritual baths, rituals and cleansings, herbs allow us to get close to the Orishas and pray to them for our health, peace and prosperity.

Herbs that heal, purify and protect

The herbs that represent each Orisha are multiple and each one has uses and properties.

But some have such powerful names that they make clear their powerful medicinal, healing and spiritual powers, the same ones that can be used in offerings, cleansings, charges, amulets, protections, spiritual baths, rituals and spoils.

We now present a selection of plants with powerful names:

1. Rompezaraguey:

  • Scientific name: (Eupatorium odoratum.Lin.)
  • From the Lucumi Language: Tabaté and from the Congo: Ntema dián finda

The Rompezaragüey It is one of the most powerful and sacred herbs of the Yoruba religion due to its intense relationship with the spirits.

This plant represents the Yoruba deity Monkey, god of thunder and powerful warrior Orisha and is used for dispossession and purification of the home for its characteristic ease of removing bad vibes from the environment and eliminating negative spiritual residues.

It is also known as "Curse-remover”, And it is very common in Cuba and the Americas, with the protection of this plant there is no curse that comes close.

It is also a plant widely used in offal and as an amulet for personal protection due to its ability to ward off the evil eye.

It can be used by placing its branches in the shape of a cross behind the door and drawing another cross below with cocoa butter to protect the home from any sorcery.

2. Marjoram

  • Scientific name: (Origanum marjorana.Lin.)

The Marjoram It is known in Cuba as a symbol of prosperity and abundance, which is why many people have it in their home. It is the representative plant of Oshun the goddess of rivers, Eleggua the owner of the roads and Obatala the father of all.

When marjoram grows in abundance, it means prosperity and good omens, and if it withers instead, it indicates problems or that it has collected all the negative vibes that it has.abitaba in a space.

The fact is that marjoram has the ability to interact with spiritual energies by attracting the positive ones and discarding the negative ones.

A branch, by itself, can become an amulet (iggidé) and must always be carried in your pocket to ward off any sorcery.

3. Road opener 

  • Scientific name: (Eupatorium villosum SW)

This plant represents the deities Asowano and Oshún.

The Pathfinder It is a small wild bush with aromatic leaves, which drives away bad energies and allows communication with the deities due to its great spiritual powers.

With it we can take a bath and do a wash to purify ourselves and our home. Like its name, where this herb goes opens the way and brings new opportunities.

4. Sandbox

  • Scientific name: (Hura crepitana.Lin.)
  • From the Lucumi language: Ewe gúnna, Arónica

The Sandbox As its name indicates, it can save us from numerous ailments, both spiritual and bodily, due to its excellent medicinal properties and its strong energy to ward off bad vibrations. It is the plant of the God of Thunder, Shango.

With it and with the bitter broom, it should be cleaned when a dead person leaves the house or when family and friends return from burial, to avoid the bad energies of illness and death.

It is an herb that saves, protects and protects from the dark influences that surround us.

5. Scare the Dead

  • Scientific name: (Brunfelsia americana)

The effects of this plant do not have to be explained much, as its name says it all by itself.

This is highly used in the Yoruba religion in baths against Iku, the messenger of death, who is rejected in this way.

It also helps to attract good luck in the form of an amulet and is a powerful response against bad spiritual energy and the evil eye.

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