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Why do some "plants" we have at home wither?

Plants that ward off bad energies

Plants have many functions beyond decorating. As we know, many are those who possess immense powers and are grantors of luck, love and health.

Others attract the good vibes and relax the environments in physical places.

In addition, they serve to flavor dishes and are a gift that is always well received.

Many people also enjoy the company of plants and the pleasant experience of planting them at home.

The "“Miraculous Plants” give us positive energiess

The properties of some indoor plants, whether they are planted or if we have them in vases, are very beneficial for the environment of the house.

They fundamentally help to eliminate bad odors and to achieve a more relaxed home, in addition to being very well decorated.

And as we well know, each plant has a special energy and many are capable of bringing good luck and fortune at home.

The fact is that, depending on their characteristics, many have positive qualities for well-being.

Which plants help us to remove bad energies from the environment?

There are plants that absorb bad energy from home or the physical space where they are, so they have beneficial properties to improve the environment of our home or office.

Thus, they bring good luck and ward off negative vibes and bad wishes.

We must know that these types of plants can wither when absorbing that bad energy from the environment, and therefore we must change them and also carry out a cleaning that eliminates the negative vibes of our home.

Plants can wilt when:

  • They pick up all kinds of dark energy from the environment, whether they are negative vibes from the home itself or from the people they have met.abitan in it.
  • In business, there is usually a high flow of energy due to the number of people who travel, so they are spaces more vulnerable to having bad energy.
  • The evil eye, envy or bad thoughts flow in the place where the plant is located.
  • If people who carry dense energies visit us at home, those vibes remain in the atmosphere of our spaces.

Important: It is necessary to give the plant good care, otherwise it could dry out due to not receiving adequate attention.

So, these are some examples of plants that absorb bad energy and that if they do dry out, despite the good care we provide, we must replace it with another, since it has fulfilled its mission of protecting us.

1. Aloe vera absorbs energy that does NOT flow in the environment

Aloe plant
Aloe vera plant

Not only does it have tons of health benefits, such as fighting constipation and removing scars. It also generates oxygen at night, in a way that purifies the air and improves the quality of sleep.

In addition, aloe vera eliminates bad energy from the environment, absorbing it. For this reason it is one of the plants considered of luck and fortune.

In many places, Aloe Vera, as it is also called, is considered a protector that detects and absorbs extraneous energy.aña or negative environment.

Aloe vera can also help us if we place:

  • A red bow in Aloe vera, when love is invoked or it is desired to protect the space against the evil eye, and
  • a green bow, when luck and hope are called.

It is placed in any part of the home, to protect it from external evils, as it is said that it can eliminate those negative attitudes and afflictions of people.

2. Lavender brings peace of mind when the vibe is thick

Lavender plant

Although it is not a purely indoor plant, if we place it in a vase, its intense and sweet aroma will help us to regain calm and relax the atmosphere.

Lavender generates benefits such as:

  • Tranquility in an environment,
  • dump the bad vibes and
  • brings spiritual peace.

The scent of lavender fights disturbances in our spirit and frees us from fear, cleanses us. For this reason the plant at home can absorb bad energy and leave instead, peace and tranquility.

3. Peony removes stagnant energy

The peony is a powerful plant and although it grows wild, we can use it in vases to decorate our house and thus eliminate the bad vibes that could accumulate in the environment.

It is this one of the plants that with its flowers absorbs negative energy from the environment and for this reason it is believed that it grants abundance and prosperity.

It is one of the most used in spiritual cleaning of the home, as an amulet to protect us from bad desires.

It is considered a plant of luck, full of positive energy, and a giver of strength and courage, which drives away envy and false friends.

4. Peppermint to activate good wishes

Peppermint Plant
Peppermint Plant

Another plant with a name that can only bring positive things!

It is considered that it protects the home from bad energies and that it cleanses the environment with its intense aroma.

Peppermint It is characterized by its spiritual qualities to calm and reassure, in addition to absorbing bad energy and giving way to luck and good wishes.

5. Jasmine to eliminate stress and anxiety

Jasmine Flowers

It is said that with his presence love relationships are strengthened.

Its fruity, warm and aphrodisiac aroma is widely used to generate a peaceful and safe environment in homes.

Jasmine is the scent of tranquility and helps to:

  • Improve mood,
  • clean up the bad vibe and
  • attract abundance and love

Also keeping the jasmine at home will help us deal with problems derived from stress and anxiety and eliminate any type of unpleasant smell.

Jasmine is said to have the ability to absorb bad vibes and instead display the scent of love and passion to enhance family and partner relationships at home.

6. Basil for luck to come and stay at home

Basil Plant

This plant has the power to promote marital union and facilitate good business.

It has been used since ancient times to:

  • Fight evil spirits,
  • attract joy,
  • build trust,
  • May happiness, luck and abundance come easily and simply.

And it is that this plant also absorbs the bad vibes of the physical spaces and relaxes the environment, fighting mental and emotional stress.

Basil has been used for hundreds of years to ward off bad luck and instead bring good vibes in business and in everything related to money.

It is widely known for cleaning homes and workplaces of bad energy.

7. Cactus, a border so that dark energy does NOT enter

Cactus plants
Cactus plants

These small plants in a pot near windows are said to have the ability to absorb all the negative charge from homes and turn it into luck.

In addition, cacti require little care and remain with us for many years, taking away the bad vibes and preventing negative spirits and shadows from penetrating the border of our home.

8. Mint, a repellent of bad vibes

Mint Plant
Mint Plant

Mint has always been known for its medicinal properties but simply having it at home can help promote opportunities of all kinds and eliminate bad vibes.

This beautiful plant is placed in the bedrooms as it helps fight insomnia and can give us very good results.

It is said that it also improves intra-family communication and facilitates love ties.

9. Romero So that the bad may go away and the good may come in!

Rosemary inside the house

Rosemary is a plant with great medicinal benefits.

It contains essential oils that stimulate brain activity and is known to attract sincere love and happiness.

This plant possesses cleansing and purifying properties, and is said to absorb negative energies.

It is used especially for the protection of the home and to attract good luck.

Since ancient times, rosemary has been used as a houseplant, due to the fact that it could fight evil spirits.

10. Ruda, the most powerful plant against curses

Magical properties of rue
Plant the Rue

Rue is the plant of protection against spells, curses and the evil eye, as it easily absorbs bad vibrations and attracts positive energies to the physical spaces where it is.

In addition, its medicinal and relaxing properties provide peace and tranquility.

This plant undoes the bad energies that are related to the emotional aspects of people, so many indicate that it can lead those who have done wrong back to the right path.

Also of the rue, they say that it eliminates economic barriers and that it opens the roads to well-being.

What to do after the plant withers?

So, if the plants after they collected that bad energy wither, we must first thank them for offering us their protection and then we can:

  • Perform body cleansings such as ritual baths,
  • cleaning at home or business,
  • to smoke the spaces so that the environment is purified,
  • place incenses so that the good can flow and
  • all kinds of spiritual works that help us to activate the good vibes again in our home, business or other space.

After the environment is clean, we can bring a new plant to our home.

Powerful cleansings that we can perform at home and on our body:

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