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3 Legendary Plants that protect from Evil Symbols of Good Luck!

Plants that protect from evil

The sacred power of plants it is an element that many religions and beliefs have reflected throughout the centuries.

Its revitalizing and healing properties have given much to talk about, and are considered:

  • symbols of faith,
  • lucky callers
  • intermediaries of the divine world.

There are many plants that are attributed positive properties to ward off negative energy and have remained the protagonists of universal legends.

Due to their powers they are used in numerous rituals in all kinds of beliefs, their aroma, their medicinal properties and even their color and texture, are considered symbols of good luck.

Plants with ancient powers that we should know

Lilac lotus flower
lotus flower

We share 3 of the legendary plants that protect from Evil, they are well known and famous in culture and universal legends for the spiritual meaning they possess:

1. The lotus flower, symbol of life

The lotus flower is one of the most sacred elements of Eastern religious culture and beliefs.

For Hindus it represents life itself and it is said that within each person is the spirit of a sacred lotus.

The ancient Egyptians revered it as a symbol of the gods and an intermediary between the world of the living and the dead, since the flower can float on the surface of the water despite having its roots in the earth.

This flower also represents fertility and is used in many rituals to ask for the blessing of a child.

2. Mistletoe, a plant that represents the sun

The legend of the mistletoe has remained as a Christmas symbol of love and passion.

Mainly in Europe, couples in love kiss under the branches of this plant, as it is said that this way, the union will be eternal.

However, mistletoe is a ritual element of the ancient Celtic druids. It is said that it represented the essence of the sun god Tatanis and for this reason it was respected as a sacred tree.

Only a high chief druid could cut the branches of mistletoe during the winter solstice, to use it in potions and magical rituals.

It was believed that this plant could cure any disease and serve as an antidote against any poison, in addition to ensuring fertility.

3. Basil, the sacred herb of Jesus

Christians and Catholics consider basil to be an extremely sacred and powerful plant.

It is said that it arose in the same place where the blood of Jesus fell and since then it has been associated with the worship of the cross and faith in Lent.

Many are the congregations that use basil to purify holy water and sprinkle it on the faithful.

This plant is also placed in the houses of believers as an expression of devotion and faith and to scare away the evils that may lie in wait for the dwelling.

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