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Did you know that these 6 Herbs are capable of influencing our Destiny?

Powerful plants in religion

The Osha has used herbs throughout the ages as a key element in the performance of her rituals.

They have the energy and the necessary properties to influence the realization of changes in the lives of many religious depending on their merits and needs.

Uses and properties of these powerful Plants ...

Powerful sticks

We can observe the presence of herbs in the rituals of spoils, recollections and sanctifications in the same way that they shine in the elaboration of saints' omieros, preparations that can also be used in polishing baths and cleaning.

1. The Female Abey and its virtues in the Yoruba Religion.

The female Abey also known under the names of Palo Tranquilo or Tengue is an Ewe (herb) belonging to all African deities.

It has a special cult in the Rule of the Mayombe stick where it behaves as a fundamental tool for warfare.

Through the Palo Tranquilo, multiple spells are developed, including those related to the imposition of dominion over another person. The Tengue possesses purifying qualities ideal for invoking lustral baths.

2. The Terrestrial Caltrop Ewe Scrubber

The Terrestrial thistle it is used to make offal. This herb is used in religious ceremonies, possessing beneficial and destructive qualities at the same time.

3. The Poppy is the herb that dominates the will.

The poppy He has the gift of overriding the will of a person, the religious uses it in the invocation of sorcery in order to defeat enemies.

Its use is clearly favored by mayomberos who know perfectly the secrets of this natural element.

4. Aguedita is a healing herb

Among the qualities it possesses the aguedita highlights the virtue of warding off the disease, which is why it is used mostly as a talisman.

This Ewe also known under the name of Bone Breaker is a very strong plant, a characteristic that gives it special importance over its peers, making it stand out. 

5. The Bibijagua magical and purifying herb.

The Bibijagua It has purifying properties, it purifies the aura of the individual, leading him to a state of well-being and satisfaction.

It is a useful herb for fighting, it stands out for exerting influence over the enemy, being able to create conflicts in the home of the person who wants to harm, which is why the mayombero venerates it as one of his sacred herbs.

6. The Croton, Ewe capable of summoning the Orishas

Croton is a very special herb for the santero since through it he can invoke the Orishas.

This herb is used in the realization of saints, which are later used in various magical rituals.

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