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Know these 2 sacrosanct plants and the properties that are conferred on them

Sacred plants

The history of religion has always been related in one way or another to the use and cultivation of plants.

These with their spiritual gifts have been in charge of connecting dozens of rituals with the supernatural world, serving as a kind of bridge that determines the correct interaction between spirits and human beings, who seek together to achieve the same goal.

Each variety of plants has a specific use within religion, without the need to enclose this approach only to the religious aspects derived from the yoruba world, since numerous writings assure that since Roman times and even before Christ, herbs were used in healing ceremonies and spiritual purification.

The laurel being an example of this, a plant that symbolized triumph.

* Sacrosanto: That is sacred and very holy

Sacred plants and their spiritual meaning

Plant better known as peyote or jícuri

1. El Peyote, indigenous communication vehicle.

Peyote is a small cactus, native mainly to the desert areas of Mexico and surrounding regions.añas.

Since ancient times, the native peoples belonging to the American continent used this plant in magical rituals.

It played an essential role when establishing communication with the ancestors, since through its consumption in various variants it was possible to acquire a hallucinogenic effect that according to their culture allowed to establish conversations with their guardian spirits.

And as a result of this phenomenon they could receive their guidance more precisely. 

2. Basil aromatic and sacred herb

Basil with its exotic smell is known to treasure multiple properties in the field of:

  • The religion,
  • the kitchen,
  • medicine and
  • the Agriculture.

Various religions have worshiped basil as a miraculous plant, an example of this is reflected in Hinduism, a school that sees basil as the representation of the gods and goddesses of the highest lineage. 

Basil in Cuban Santeria:

In Cuba, our Caribbean island, basil is used in the religion of santeria to carry out holy ceremonies and make sacred omieros.

In the same way that it is required to give office to spiritual masses, religious events in which the spiritual and physical world come together to give humanity a test of faith.

Basil is also used in the correct hands to cure the evil eye and witchcraft, using it in sanctifications, ceremonies that allow the astral field to be purified of bad vibrations, at the same time that it drives away the dark spirits that disturb the tranquility of the Humans.

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