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The Prayer of Serenity Lord, give me patience and wisdom in life!

Prayer of Serenity

The Prayer of Serenity it is a prayer done to obtain temperance and peace.

Also known as the Serenity Prayer, it is evoked by religious in times of harsh trials.

This prayer is attributed to the ingenuity of the American theologian, philosopher and writer Reinhold Niebuhr, who saw in this prayer the precise words to approach God from a humble perspective.

Short prayer to obtain Serenity

The shorter version of the Serenity Prayer has been more famous and spread throughout the world than its original version, a merit received as a result of being easier to learn and faster to pronounce.

Through these verses God is asked to:

  • Provide guidance in decision making,
  • allow the individual through his intercession to remain calm in all the required moments and
  • bless your neighbor as yourself with the virtue of wisdom.

(…) Lord, grant me serenity to accept everything that I cannot change, strength to change what I am capable of changing and wisdom to understand the difference (…)

Serenity Prayer

Living from day to day; enjoying every moment; coping with deprivation as a path to peace; accepting this impure world as it is and not as I think it should be, as Jesus did on earth: thus, trusting that you will always do good; Thus, surrendering myself to Your will, I can be reasonably happy in this life and achieve supreme happiness at Your side in the next. Amen.

What you did not know about the Serenity Prayer

The Serenity Prayer can be said any day of the week regardless of the time.

  • This can be accompaniedañaread an Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be, especially if the good you want to achieve is related to falling asleep. 

How is a helping prayer is not needed candles, flowers, or any other type of accessories that enhance its power, it only requires faith to achieve the favor of the almighty.

Among its virtues, the speed with which the desired is fulfilled is highlighted, as long as the impossible are not desired, nor desires that involve evil or harm any other human being in the exercise of their fulfillment. 

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