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On October 4, dedicate this Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi

Prayer Saint Francis of Assisi

"Father Francis", an Italian saint known and revered for the great faith and spirituality he possessed, was the founder of the Franciscan Order and considered one of the great figures in the history of Christianity.

His birth name was Giovanni di Pietro Bernardone and besides being religious he was a poet and writer.

  • The holiday in his name is October 4 and is celebrated as the patron saint of animals, veterinarians, and protector of the environment.

Why does Saint Francis of Assisi carry a skull in his hand?

St. Francis of Assisi it stands out for one of its elements, it holds in its hand an interesting attribute due to its meaning, a skull, which symbolizes contempt for the material world, renunciation.

In fact, his religious life was characterized by being austere and simple, while increasing opulence was generated in the ecclesiastical hierarchy of his time.

Syncretism and celebration of the Saint

In Cuba, in Afro-Cuban religiosity, San Francisco is syncretized with the power of the Orisha Orula, considered a deity of great veneration in the Yoruba religion for being a diviner and advisor to men on earth.

Every October 4, the celebration of the holy orisha unites in a single faith, and thousands of devotees venerate them, begging for protection and help.

What can we ask this powerful Saint?

The Saints, no matter what we need, will always help us through the adversities that life and God throw at us, so regardless of the patronage of each deity, they will give us light and direct us on good paths, we just have to trust.

We can ask Saint Francis of Assisi help to deliver:

  • health and healing,
  • open roads abundantly,
  • free us from the torments that can lie in wait for our soul.

The most important thing for every human being is healthThat is why we pray for much healing of diseases, tranquility and happiness, let us ask that the charity, goodness and mercy of the saint help us to be better people and give us humility to always help those who need it, to guide our steps and always accompany us in the ways of the life.

Simple and beautiful prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi

This Prayer to Saint Francis of Assisi is a beautiful request to thank the Saint and above all to ask him to protect us with his great power and light.

  • Before the prayer lights a brown candle to ask for spiritual wisdom, conflict resolution and much peace.

Oh, Glorious Saint Francis of Assisi, Father of Peace, Love and Divine Justice, I ask for your mercy and great blessing, I thank you for all your help in my ways.

Beloved Saint Francis, for your great virtue and kindness towards those most in need, I ask you to listen to my prayers and intercede before our Heavenly Father so that you grant me spiritual peace, forgiveness, love and light in my days and nights.

Full of faith and gratitude I turn to you, Father Saint Francis of Assisi, so that you can comfort me and help me as always.

You are a source of love and wisdom, you are the one who leads me and teaches me the good paths in my daily walk so that I can be a better person every day.

For you beloved Father there are no impossible, that's why I always put my life and decisions in your hands.

Oh! Blessed Saint Francis, I ask you to listen to my prayers made with my heart set on you.

Whatever you decide will be your will and I always trust your justice.

Present before God my prayers and my thanks.

You are great and you will always be Saint Francis of Assisi


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